Pay Rate and Pay Stubs

Pay Rate

Student employees earn the minimum wage set by Winona State University. If you have questions, you may discuss your rate of pay with your supervisor at the time you are hired. There are many positions on campus that pay a higher rate of pay based on the specific nature of the work or special skills or abilities that are required for the position.

Pay Stubs

Your payroll “stubs” are available to you online:
  1. Login to student eservices 
  2. Select Student Employment from the left-hand menu
  3. Select Earnings

A list of your paystubs will appear and you may view details and print each stub if you wish.

The pay stub displays information regarding your payroll payment. Some of the pieces of the pay stub are:
  • Payment date
  • Pay period dates
  • Bank routing number
  • Last four digits of the account number into which the payment was deposited
  • Number of hours worked
  • Pay rate
  • Federal and state taxes withheld (if applicable)
  • FICA tax withheld (if applicable)
  • Your W-4 information