Housing & Residence Life

Living on campus is the best way to make the most of your time here at WSU.

Why? Well, here's a few reasons.


It's Convenient

When you choose Main Campus, your residence hall will be within walking distance from just about everything.

And at East Lake Apartments, the free shuttle makes it easy to get back and forth.

Flexible meal plans mean you eat when you’re hungry.

Feast in the Jack Kane Dining Center. Grab a quick bite at Zane’s in the Student Union. Or use your Dining Dollars for grub on the go.


It's Quality & Affordability

All the rooms come furnished, so there’s no need to buy (and move!) heavy furniture.

You also have access to amenities like lounge spaces, rental equipment at the front desk, on-site laundry without extra costs.

The residence halls are also regularly maintained by custodial staff who take care of routine cleaning for common spaces and fix issues if they arise.

The room, the furnishings, the utilities, the maintenance, plus a meal plan comes rolled into one fee.

As a student, you’ve got so many other things to focus on during the semester.

You don’t need remembering to pay bills or send your rent check in on time to be one of them.


It's an Instant Community

The people you will meet and the relationships you will form will make an incredible impact on your college experience.

Your hallmates become friends, your RAs become role models and guides, your whole residence hall surrounds you to feel less alone.