When the Job Ends

Most jobs end on campus because the student employees graduate. Even though that is a wonderful reason to lose an employee, it is bittersweet because offices rely a great deal on the assistance and expertise offered by their student assistants.

These valued employees have played big roles in the day-to-day operation of most of the departments and programs on campus.

Sometimes, however, the job ends up not being a good “fit.” The student is not happy in the job or the supervisor is not happy with the student’s job performance.

Supervisors often make it quite clear what their expectations are and it is assumed that you took the position because you wish to do the best job that you can. 

You are an essential member of the team of people with whom you work no matter in which area of the campus you find yourself employed.

If your supervisor feels that you are not meeting the expectations for the position, they do have the right to let you go. Although they are not required to conduct performance reviews, it is recommended that supervisors communicate with their student employees when issues about job performance arise.

If you feel you have been unjustly terminated, you may file a grievance and should consult WSU Regulation 4-2 Student Grievance Procedure (PDF).

If you are unhappy or frustrated about your position or job duties, you should always talk with your supervisor about your concerns.

If you feel you must terminate employment for any reason, you are encouraged to give your supervisor at least a two-week notice.

Most supervisors rely heavily on the assistance of student employees and expect the courtesy of an appropriate notice if you are intending to leave the position.