Schedules & Restrictions

Since you are here primarily to successfully attend and complete classes, your work hours should be scheduled around your classes if at all possible. This may result in your work schedule changing every term.

If you have concerns about scheduling, please talk with your supervisor ahead of time to see if the schedule can be changed. You are expected to be reliable and punctual in regard to attendance and should notify your supervisor in advance if you are going to be late or miss work. You are counted on to be there.

In order to comply with laws and regulations that govern student employment, WSU places restrictions on the number of hours students may work on campus. 

All hourly restrictions apply to the total number of hours you work at all jobs held at the University, including hours worked at Chartwell’s Dining Service. There are two weeks in every pay period. Each week begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Tuesday. 

Maximum Hours Limits:

Fall and Spring Semesters

  • Domestic (American) students may work no more than 30 hours per week (60 hours per pay period
  • International students may work no more than 20 hours per week (40 hours per pay period)
  • At all times, students may not work more than 40 hours in any one week (Wednesday through Tuesday) 

*During the academic year, you are permitted to work 35 or even 40 hours in one week and then 25 or 20 hours in the second week to total 60 for the pay period. But you may never exceed 40 hours in either of the two weeks of the pay period.


In the summer, students are permitted to work more hours than during the academic year (up to no more than 80 hours per pay period).. However, all students may work no more than 40 hours in one week.  Students are not eligible to work overtime. On your electronic time sheets, the weekly totals are calculated and displayed throughout the pay period. You should stop working for the week if you reach 40 hours. Each of the two work weeks within the pay period begin on Wednesday and end on Tuesday.

Holidays, Snow Days and Breaks

  • Students are not eligible for holiday pay unless you work on the holiday 
  • If Winona State University is closed for a “snow day,” you may work if your supervisor permits it
  • During significant break periods throughout the year (Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks), maximum hour restrictions are prorated based on the percentage of time the break period falls within a pay period or several pay periods. Supervisors are notified regarding the applicable restrictions.

“Coffee” and Meal Breaks

For every four (4) consecutive hours that you work, you are allowed to take a reasonable, paid break (15 minutes is appropriate). No employee at WSU is paid for a meal break. If you continue to work while you eat a meal, you may be paid for that time as long as the work is not disrupted by the meal. Even though you are allowed 15-minute break periods, you are not allowed to combine breaks in order to take a paid meal break. If you take a meal break, you must edit your timesheet and enter an end time for when you leave and a start time for when you return.