Policies & Procedures

There are many aspects of student employment that are governed by federal, state, Minnesota State and WSU regulations, policies and guidelines.

Below are links to PDFs and websites that cover various facets of student employment. 

WSU Regulations

Reg 2-17, Safety Manual (PDF) - This document provides employees with information and instructions on safety in carrying out work assignments.

Graduate Assistantship Information - Information about the procedures and forms used in hiring graduate assistants and eligibility requirements are provided here.

Reg 4-1, Student Employment (PDF) - This document details eligibility requirements, funding and general policies for all student employees including work-study, student help and graduate assistants.

Reg 4-2, Student Grievance (PDF) - If a student employee wishes to file an official grievance against a supervisor, this document should be consulted for information about the proper procedure.

Minnesota State Policies

Policy 1B.3, Sexual Violence - All forms of sexual violence are prohibited at WSU and remedial action will be taken for violators of this policy. Further details are provided here.

Policy 1C.2, Fraudulent or Other Dishonest Acts - Fraudulent and other dishonest acts are not tolerated at WSU and employees must comply with the State Code of Ethics. The complete policy can be viewed here.

Policy 4.10.1, Nepotism - Minnesota State's policy against nepotisim seeks to eliminate real or apparent conflict of interest when members of the same household or family are employed by Winona State University.