Career Prep Toolkit

Career development is a life-long process of developing skills, knowledge, and relationships.

Often applying for an internship or job is the first step a student takes in their career development.

These tools assist you as you begin and manage your career.

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Manage Your Money

It is important to assess your current and future financial needs when you are exploring careers and searching for positions.

WhichWay is a free online resource full of information on financial wellness, including information on how to create a budget, investing, and strategies to pay off your loan debt.

Write Resumes and Cover Letters

A resume and cover letter are often requested as part of an internship or job application. It is good practice to create a master resume early on during your career and update it regularly.

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View helpful tips, sample resumes, cover letters, and other professional documents on the Resume & Cover Letters page.

Gain Experience

Professionals that seek out development experiences are more likely to move forward in the job search process.

Experiences include:

Explore Careers

Exploring careers is more than just choosing a major.

Researching job roles, trends in the field, companies, career trajectories, and new career fields will help you manage your career and allow you to grow as a professional.

Visit the Explore Careers page to learn more.

Career Exploration 101 (Video)
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Develop Interview Skills

Being able to articulate your skills to an employer in an interview or clarify your competencies to colleagues in a meeting is an important part of managing your career.

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But, marketing yourself is not always easy to do. It takes a bit practice. For interviewing tips and tools to help you practice visit the Interviewing page

Build a Professional Network

Establishing and maintaining professional relationships is an essential part of career management.

Online professional sites like LinkedIn can help you manage your contacts and discover new ones.

Joining the WSU Career Connections and WSU Alumni and Friends LinkedIn groups will help you start to build your network. Check out the Warrior Network.

Find a WSU Alumni Mentor

WSU's global network of alumni is a great way to hear about career paths, goal setting, industries or general advice from past Winona State Warriors.

Join the WSU Alumni Mentoring Program to gain valuable networking experience that will help you prepare for future career success.

LinkedIn: Using LinkedIn Effectively (Video)
Networking 101 (Video)

Continue Your Education

Choosing to continue your education can be a big decision. Making decisions about which programs to apply to and completing the application can take approximately 6 months.

If you would like advice and assistance with graduate school search and applications visit the Continuing Your Education page

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Search for Jobs & Internships

There are a wide variety of job boards and links available on the internet. Navigating and determining credible sources can be time consuming.

Career Service's Job & Internship Search page provides several resources to help you start the job search process, including Handshake, WSU’s job and internship board for students and recent graduates. 

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