Student working at front desk of Fitness Center

How to Find an On-Campus Job

If you read the information that is available on this site, it will provide some assistance in regard to the job search process. There are about 450 work study positions on campus and approximately 700-800 student help jobs.

Only students with work study eligibility as part of their financial aid awards will qualify for this type of position. All students qualify for student help jobs.

Career Services on campus maintains a site for supervisors to post job openings (Handshake), but unfortunately, many of the jobs that are available are not posted online.

Students often secure jobs by making a direct contact with departments on campus in which they are interested in working.

Are You Eligible to Apply for On-Campus Employment?

To be qualified to work on campus, you must be enrolled in a certain number of credits. The guidelines vary depending on:

  • Time of year
  • The program which is funding your employment
  • Whether or not you are a permanent resident of the United States

Students who drop courses and fall below the minimum credits and those who are not allowed to register due to a registration hold, do not fall under "student status" are not eligible for on-campus employment.

Students who are not seeking a degree from WSU must be enrolled for at least six undergraduate credits or three graduate credits during each semester in which they wish to be employed.

Enrollment Requirements

Fall and Spring Semesters

You must be enrolled in the following number of credits to be eligible for a work study or student help job:

Undergraduate students:

  • Domestic - 6 credits
  • International - 12 credits
Graduate students:
  • Domestic – 3 graduate credits
  • International – 6 graduate credits

*Refers to students who are citizens of the U.S. and international students whose status has changed to permanent residents.

If you drop credits and fall below these minimum requirements, you immediately become ineligible to work.


Work study employees must be enrolled in at least 6 credits.

Student help employees must be preregistered for fall semester or taking at least 6 credits in the summer.

New freshmen or transfer students must be preregistered for fall semester.

Final Semester of Attendance

If it is your final semester at the University, prior to your graduation, an exception may be made regarding the enrollment requirement. You must notify Student Payroll that it is your final semester and it will be confirmed that you are enrolled in the final credits that you need in order to graduate.

Once you have graduated, you are no longer eligible for on-campus student employment.