A tutor works with another student.

After Work Begins

It may be a little scary to begin a new job, but it won’t be long before you will feel right at home in your new work setting.

Many supervisors may tell you that there is an “orientation” period, after which they will evaluate how you are doing on the job.

Supervisors do have the option of letting you go if things are not working out, but we always hope things will go well for everyone.

It is always very important to ask lots of questions in the beginning and throughout your employment if you do not understand something.

There are rules regarding working on campus that include areas such as:

  • Number of hours you are allowed to work
  • How to fill out time sheets
  • When time sheets are due
  • How much you will be paid
  • Expectations when you are on the job

Your supervisor is the primary resource for questions or information regarding your position.