Finding the best candidate to fill one of your positions can be a time-consuming task, but well worth the effort in the long run. Good communication throughout the hiring process will help you hire someone who truly is a good fit for the job. Once you have made your hiring decision, go to the Student Employment website to create an online Work Authorization Request.

The WSU Student Employment program must adhere to Minnesota State Policy 4.10.1, Nepotism.
The policy prohibits individuals from hiring and supervising members of the same family or household, defined as:
  • Employee’s spouse, child or stepchild
  • Ward of the employee or employee’s spouse
  • Parents of the employee or employee’s spouse
  • Brother or sister of the employee or employee’s spouse
  • Grandparent or grandchild of the employee or employee’s spouse
  • Nephew or niece of the employee or employee’s spouse
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law of the employee or employee’s spouse
  • Other members of the employee’s household whether or not related by blood or marriage

The WSU Student Employment program must adhere to Minnesota State Policy 1B.1, Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education.

All supervisors must use methods to advertise positions in such a way as to provide all students the opportunity to see and apply for all positions open on campus.

The Career Services Office provides a program called Handshake, where supervisors can post their job openings online and students may access a listing of on-campus openings at any given time.

Students may use the site to view on-campus and off-campus jobs, internships and full-time positions upon graduation.

Please contact Career Services for additional information and instructions regarding how to post a position.

You may require that a student complete an application form so that you can acquire specific information to help make your hiring decision. This information can be used to compare applicants’ qualifications, experience, availability, etc. A sample application form (PDF) is provided. You should design the questions to best fit the job requirements unique to the position being advertised.

It benefits the supervisor and the potential employee to discuss the following during an interview:
  • Review student’s resume or job application
  • Discuss candidate’s past work/volunteer experience
  • Describe the job duties and expectations
  • Explain any experience or skills that are needed to perform the job
  • Discuss start date, work hours, pay rate, student’s schedule
  • Briefly talk about how training will be provided
  • Describe most important employment policies, e.g., confidentiality, dress code, etc.
  • Tell candidate the expected date by which a hiring decision will be made

It is highly recommended that the potential employee be required to submit a resume. This, along with the interview, provides a great experience for the student. A sample interview form (PDF) is provided.