University Hiring Processes

The Human Resources Department is a strategic partner with departments and colleges to perform organizational structure reviews, position development, recruitment advertising, selection, background checks, re-employment, and temporary employment while ensuring contractual and legal obligations are met. The Office of Affirmative Action & Legal Affairs oversees affirmative action, hiring goals and immigration processes for the University.

Employees of Winona State University are employees of the State of Minnesota. Positions with the university generally fall into two categories: 
  • classified (ex: technical professionals, office and administrative specialists, maintenance workers)  
  • unclassified (ex: faculty, deans, director of programs, vice presidents).

Background Checks

Winona State University (WSU) seeks to ensure the health and safety of all WSU students, faculty, staff, and members of the public while on WSU campus property, and at WSU affiliated events and programs.  As a result, WSU requires background checks for all WSU students, faculty, staff, and volunteers as required under WSU Policy 5-17 and WSU Procedure 5-17a. 

WSU is authorized to conduct fingerprint-based background checks under Minnesota State Statutes 299C.66-299C.71 (Kari Koskinen Act), Minnesota State Statutes 245C and 299C.60-299C.64 (Minnesota Child Protection Act), Minnesota State Statute 326.336 subdivision 1 (Security Officers), and 299C.46 (Access to Criminal History Records Information).  

The process for each of the required checks are as follows:

Classified positions include positions which are covered by the AFSCME, MAPE, MMA or MNA bargaining agreements or the Managerial Plan or Commissioner’s Plan.

Filling a classified position on a temporary or permanent basis requires a position description that has been through the formal classification process. If you want to hire a position that has not already been established through the classification process, see the position descriptions website for next steps.

Filling a Classified position on a permanent basis: 

Review the Conducting a Search webpage and utilize the searches for all other positions section of the Search Toolkit

Filling a Classified position on a temporary basis:

To hire a temporary classified employee or extend a temporary classified employees appointment, please complete the Classified Request to Fill Form.    

Unclassified positions include positions which are covered by the IFO or ASF bargaining agreements or the Administrators Plan. 

Filling an ASF or Administrators position on a temporary or permanent basis requires a position description that has been through the formal range assignment process. If you want to hire a position that has not already been established through the job audit process, see the position descriptions website for next steps.

Filling an IFO position requires a Notice of Vacancy on the current template. This does not apply to adjunct appointments. See the adjunct appointments section of this page for details on hiring adjunct faculty. 

Filling an Unclassified position:

Review the Conducting a Search webpage and appropriate section of the Search Toolkit.  

Circumstances may dictate that faculty tasks cannot be accomplished within the workload of permanent faculty, including overload. When the President/designee determines that such conditions exist s/he may authorize adjunct appointments in accordance with the following principles:

  • To meet temporary staffing needs due to enrollment increases for which normal full funding is not provided
  • To meet temporary staffing needs when faculty are reassigned to other duties or who are on sabbatical or on other leaves of absences
  • To teach courses requiring special expertise and/or meet special programmatic needs of departments, such expertise and needs that cannot otherwise be provided by the faculty within the department

Process for Hiring a New Adjunct

The hiring department initiates an electronic Adjunct Pool Form.

The adjunct candidate provides information relating to their expertise and if they have current employment at another state agency as this may affect how the person is paid and may require placement on the IFO contract salary schedule. The adjunct candidate will be asked to attach a copy of a current CV/Resume and Unofficial Transcript to the form.

Once the adjunct candidate submits the information, the Chair will receive an email indicating the form is ready for review. The Chair will need to confirm the qualifications of the candidate in order to meet the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and program accreditation requirements pertaining to faculty qualifications. Once the Chair approves the online application, an email will be sent to the Dean for review.

The Dean will review and initiate the hire of the new adjunct utilizing the Adjunct Pool Form. When the Dean initiates a hire:

  • The Chair is notified and may contact the adjunct with assignment details.
  • Human Resources is notified and will send a Welcome Email to the employee requesting official transcriptsHuman Resources will also initiate a Minnesota State Secure Token email to the employee. Once the employee activates the Secure Token, a StarID and Tech ID are created and the employee will be asked to submit the following information: name, personal information, contact information, emergency contact information, I-9 information and prior pension service information.
  • The Minnesota State Secure Token must be activated by the new hire before their name can be entered into the Term Course Schedule tab in the Curriculum Management system. Curriculum Management will feed the information into FWM at which time assignment details must be approved.

If a class is cancelled

If a class is cancelled after the record in FWM has been approved and processed, update the Curriculum Management system and then immediately email Human Resources to stop the pay as soon as possible. The Curriculum Management system will update FWM to show that the class is no longer being offered.

This following is an overview on hiring for assignments that are very short or the employee is from another state agency.  These procedures provide guidance for a supervisor who wants to hire a non-WSU employee to complete a short-term project or assignment. The supervisor must complete the applicable process above prior to any work being completed by the employee.

  1.  Hiring supervisor must first determine if the employee is:
    • Employed by another Minnesota State institution or Office of the Chancellor
    • Employed by another state agency, i.e. Dept of Health, Dept of Education, etc.
    • Not employed by the state

  2. Based upon the determination above, hiring supervisor follows the applicable process below: