Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for Employees 

  •  Contact Jessica Wenzel, Human Resources

  •  Employee Request for Accommodation Form

  •  Authorization to Release Medical Information

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for Job Applicants

  •  Contact Lori Mikl, Affirmative Action

Adjunct Hiring (WarriorSpace)

Administrator Vacation Conversion Form (PDF)

ASF Additional Assignment/Honorarium Worksheet (Word)

ASF Application for Professional Improvement Funds (PIF) (WarriorSpace)

ASF Fixed Term Appointment Extension (Word)

ASF Evaluation/Development Plan (Word)

Assignment Form - ASF/Admin  (WarriorSpace)

Change of Address (Employee Home)

Classified Work Hour/Cost Center Change


Direct Deposit (State of MN Employee Self-Service)


eTimesheet (Employee Home)

Employee Injury Forms - Report illness/injury to your supervisor immediately so forms can be completed

Exiting Employee Checklist (Word)


Faculty Absence Reporting (eTimesheet) (Employee Home)

Faculty Assignment Management (FWM) (Employee Home)

Faculty Emeritus Status

Faculty Notice of Vacancy (NOV) (Word)

Faculty Prior Work Experience Form (Word)

Faculty Sabbatical Leave Application (WarriorSpace)

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) 

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) with BRI


I-9 (Employee Home)

Independent Contractor Employee Status Checklist (WarriorSpace)

Insurance and Benefits
Intake Form 

Intra-Agency/Inter-Agency (Shared Employee Special Hires)


Legal Name Change (WarriorSpace)


New Employee Checklist

New Employee Page

New Employee Welcome Guide



Paystubs (State of MN Employee Self-Service)

Performance Reviews: Classified 

Position Description Resources

Position Requisition Request (WarriorSpace)

Position Requisition Request - IFO (WarriorSpace)

Preferred Name Request (WarriorSpace)

  •  Preferred Name Procedure (PDF)

Professional Improvement Funds

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Form

  •  PSLF Program Information 


Retired with Distinction

Retirement Checklist for New Hires (Word)



Search Process Forms

Salary Savings Leave (SSL) Form (WarriorSpace)

  •  WSU FY24 SSL Guidelines (PDF)

  •  Minnesota State Voluntary Leave FAQs (PDF)

Search Process Forms

State Employee Insurance Group (SEGIP)


Telework Request - Schedule and Acknowledgement (WarriorSpace) 

  •  Telework Guidelines (PDF)

  •  Telework Policy

Travel Forms (Business Office)

Tuition Waiver Application (Employee Home)


Vacation Accrual Request (PDF)
Vacation Donation


W-2 (State of MN Employee Self-Service

W-2 Request for Duplicate or Corrected Wage and Tax Statement (Word)

W-4 (State of MN Employee Self-Service)


Workers’ Compensation