IPAR staff giving a powerpoint presentation

IPAR Knowledge Sharing


IPAR aims to promotes continuous improvement efforts by sharing knowledge through a series of presentations and handouts.

How to Use ‘Excel Power View’ for Institutional Effectiveness” by Eri Fujieda and Benjamin Nagel (November 2014, AIRUM Annual Conference)

"Using R Statistical Software to Analyze Under-Represented Minority Student Success" by Edward Callahan (November 2013, AIRUM Annual Conference)

Using Web Services to Exchange Data with Qualtrics and Hobsons Connect” by Scott Guthrie and Benjamin Nagel (October 2012, AIRUM Annual Conference)

"Enrollment Projections at Winona State University" by Edward Callahan (October 2011, AIRUM Annual Conference)

"Building a Database to House Survey Results" by Scott Guthrie and Benjamin Nagel (October 2011, AIRUM Annual Conference)