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About IPAR

Mission, Values & Functions



The Office of Institutional Planning, Assessment & Research serves the Winona State University community by discovering, interpreting, and providing information. This information is used to enhance institutional effectiveness and facilitate knowlegde-based decision making across the campus.

  • Accuracy: IPAR delivers accurate information.

  • Consistency: IPAR employs data controls and definitions to ensure data consistency. IPAR works with the guardians of data quality as well as data process owners to promote excellence in data governance.

  • Communication: IPAR staff members employ clear and professional communication techniques and strategies among themselves and with their service recipients. The goal is to foster a philosophy and path of inquiry that leads to greater understanding.

  • Efficiency: IPAR staff members are well-organized and demonstrate stewardship of university assets and resources.

  • Professionalism: IPAR personnel remain highly skilled and current in their professions and practices. We promote excellence, and continuously improve through education, evaluation and action. We use a collaborative approach in our relationships with colleagues and service recipients to encourage inquiry and questioning.

  • Relevance: IPAR ensures that the data it provides is relevant to requests.

  • Reliability: IPAR consistently deploys infrastructure, provides services, manages/analyzes/disseminates data, and maintains data systems that the university community can rely upon to carry out its mission.

  • Effectiveness: IPAR promotes the institutional mission as well as educational goals and objectives through outcomes assessment across all institutional units. We do this by providing data and analysis to inform decision-making and promote insight. 

IPAR provides clearly defined, accurate, and consistent data to stakeholders in a timely manner, in partnership with IT/Data Services Team.

  • IPAR provides data summaries and analyses on a regular basis to assist institutional assessment and planning activities

  • IPAR supports effective, holistic and integrated strategic planning as well as progress monitoring

  • IPAR facilitates and assists with the systematic and meaningful assessment of academic and non-academic programs and to promote continuous improvement efforts

  • IPAR provides support to institutional and specialized accreditation