Develop Academic Programs

These are resources and processes that will help you develop courses and academic programs.

If you are looking for information about current courses, learn more about managing courses.

In the fall, the Warrior Hub asks faculty and staff to review their department information and submit updates for the next edition of the course catalog published in the spring.

To correct information in the current catalog, please use the following processes.

How to Fix Clerical Errors and Typos

If you notice a clerical, syntax, or typographical mistake in the WSU catalog, email to let us know. Please indicate what the issue is and where it is located in the catalog.

You will be notified when these corrections are completed. Contact if you have further WSU Catalog concerns or questions.

How to Update Course and Program Changes

All program and course changes require A2C2 or Grad Council approval and should be submitted via Curriculog. Curriculog changes are updated throughout the year.

To make sure changes are reflected when the new catalog is published in March, please initiate changes through Curriculog as early as possible.

For details on the Curriculog process, view the WSU Curriculog Manual.

Want to propose a new course in your department?

Complete the Course Outline Template (Docx) and submit the form to the curriculum committee. Be sure to consult the Instruction and Credit Equivalencies Chart (PDF) as you develop the course proposal.

Major maps show a recommended pathway to a degree.

Most departments create maps with four-year pathways, but some decide to illustrate two-year or three-year plans as well. Students must be full time, college ready, and ready to declare a major to follow the map exactly as shown.

Major Maps do not take the place of meetings with advisors. The maps are only a sample, and advisors can help students find other pathways to complete their degrees in four years.

Major Maps also do not replace the Degree Audit System, which is the official record for a students’ progress toward major and graduation requirements.

Create a Major Map

Use the Major Map Template (Excel) to create major maps for your department. All courses listed on a major map will be labeled as one or more of the following:

  • General Education Goal Areas
  • General Elective
  • Major Elective
  • Minor Requirement
  • Critical Analysis Intensive
  • Oral Intensive
  • Written Intensive
  • Personal Development and Wellness

As you develop the major map, keep in mind that student need the following in order to graduate:

  • At least 120 total credits for a Bachelor’s degree
  • At least 40 General Education credits
  • At least 40 Upper Division credits

Once you’ve completed the major map, you should request to add it to the Course Catalog and your department website. This will make it easier for students to find the major maps and plan their schedules.

As program or course changes are made, an updated version of the corresponding major map should be uploaded to Curriculog forms.