Enroll at WSU

When you first register for classes, you become officially enrolled at WSU. As you continue studying and registering each semester, you stay enrolled. No extra steps are needed.

A new student must apply to WSU first. You’ll become enrolled as you move through the admission processes.

If you are returning to WSU, then you will need to follow certain steps to re-enroll. You are considered a returning student if you are:

  • Transferring back to WSU from another institution
  • Returning after academic suspension
  • Returning after a leave from school

Do you want to take courses at WSU but not pursue a degree? Then you are welcome to apply as a guest student.

WSU also offers a Senior Citizen Program for older adults who wish to take courses.

If you took a semester off from school, whether due to an academic suspension or personal reasons, you must complete a re-enrollment form:

You will need to provide your official transcripts of any schools you attended since your last date of attendance at WSU as part of your re-enrollment request.

WSU will retrieve transcripts from all Minnesota State institutions. If you attended any non-Minnesota State schools, request that they send your transcripts to WSU Admissions.

Through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option, high school students can take college courses for dual high school and college credit.

Learn more about enrolling as a PSEO student.

Guest students can attend for one term and complete a new registration agreement each term.

Apply as a guest student at Winona State.

Through a state program, older adults can continue their lifelong learning at many Minnesota Colleges and Universities.

Senior citizens may enroll in classes based on space availability once all tuition-paying students have been accommodated. That is to say you can enroll in classes which still have open seats as of the second day of class.

To enroll at WSU through the Senior Citizen Program, you must:

  1. Apply as a guest student
  2. Provide a photocopy of your driver’s license or state ID to prove your age and that you are a Minnesota resident
  3. Follow all other registration requirements, including prerequisites courses

Student & Course Fees

While you won’t have to pay tuition as a senior citizen, you will be expected to cover certain student fees.

If you are taking a course for credit, you will be charged:

  • $20 administrative fee
  • Student Union fee
  • Health Service fee
  • Students United fee
  • Technology fee
  • Parking fee (Rochester campus-based courses only)

If you don’t want to receive credit for the class, make sure that you declare audit status for the course at the time of registration. You will need the instructor's permission to audit a course.

You’ll be charged the following fees for auditing a class:

  • Health Service fee
  • Parking fee (Rochester campus-based courses only)

Whether you take a course as an audit or for credit, you are responsible for paying any required laboratory, material, or course fees. Fees vary by course.

You can see a list of all standard student fees.

For more information, contact the Warrior Hub at 507.457.2800 or warriorhub@winona.edu.

Withdraw from WSU

Sometimes situations come up in your life that make it difficult to continue your education. Or perhaps you decide that you no longer want to earn a degree.

In either case, you may consider withdrawing from WSU.

This is different from dropping or withdrawing from a class. When you drop or withdraw from a class, you are still enrolled at WSU.

When you withdraw from WSU, you are no longer a student. This means that you will have to move out of on-campus housing, return your laptop and possibly repay financial aid among other tasks.

Learn more about the process for withdrawing from WSU.