Training and Development for Employees


In order to develop as University, we believe in providing our employees with opportunities for professional growth and development. On this page you will find a variety of resources to assist and enhance your career.

Winona State University employees are required to take specific trainings upon initial hire and each year they are employed.

University-wide mandatory training is available through the
Employee Learning Management (ELM) portal within the State of MN Employee Self Service site and D2L Brightspace site. Assigned trainings will be communicated thru your WSU email.


For questions on the Sexual Violence Awareness for Employees course, please contact the Affirmative Action Department.


For questions on the Safety courses (ergonomics, fire prevention, etc.) courses, please contact the Environmental Health & Safety Department.


For questions on all other training courses, please contact the Human Resources Department.


Why do we have these requirements?


1. Minnesota State Board Policy states that all employees must receive training on the following:

a. System Procedure 1C.0.1, Employee Code of Conduct.

b. Proper handling of government data (data privacy and security)


2.  Minnesota State Board Policy 1B.1, Equal Opportunity and Nondiscrimination in Employment and Education, requires that all employees must receive training on Sexual harassment prevention. Employees who act as investigators or decision makers under System Procedure 1B.1 must receive additional training, and employees who serve on search committees must receive specific search-related training.


3. Minnesota State policy, explained in Vice Chancellor Laura King’s memo of June 6, 2014 (available via campus CFOs) clarifies the requirements for training related to the Internal Control and Accountability Code of Conduct.


4. State regulations

a. All supervisors must receive supervisory training. [Minnesota Management and Budget Administrative Procedure 21 (eff. date. 01-19/1995), ref. Minn. Stat. Section 43A.21 (2007).]

b. All employees responsible for emergency operations management or provide direct operational support to their campus's All Hazard Plan must receive National Incident Management System (NIMS) training. (Governor's Executive Order 05-02)

c. State of Minnesota Minimum Fleet Safety Standards require state agencies to ensure drivers complete defensive driving course within 30 days of being authorized to drive on state business, and a refresher course at least every three years thereafter.


5. Federal regulations

a. Campus SAVE act requires that all new students, faculty, and staff are offered sexual violence awareness training.

b. All employees who have potential for exposure to hazardous substances, harmful physical agents, or infectious agents in their workplace must receive training under Employee Right to Know program. (Initial training: before assignment, refresher training; annual updates and brief summary.) (29 CFR 1910.1200.)

c. All employees whose responsibilities include hazardous waste management, storage, transport or record keeping must receive hazardous waste training. (Initial Training: within six months of hiring or assignment to new position; refresher training; annual review of hazardous waste management.) [Large Quantity Generators, 40 CFR 265.16; Small or Very Small Quantity Generators, 40 CFR 262.34(d)(5)(iii).]

d. All employees and students who are reasonably anticipated to have contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials in the course of their work or student activities must receive training on blood borne pathogens. [Initial training: before assignment, refresher training; annual update and brief summary. (29 CFR 1910.1030.)]

e. All employees who are responsible for emergency operations management must receive training under the National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Registration Instructions

  1. Log in to the State of Minnesota Self Service site using your eight digit State ID (SEMA4) and password.
  2. Choose the State of MN Self Service link.
  3. Choose the Enterprise Learning Mgmt (ELM) link
  4. Choose the Enterprise Learning Mgmt (ELM) folder(or choose the Instructions).
  5. Choose the Find Learning option under Quick Links and then search for the title of the course you wish to visit, or choose My Learning Quick Link to re-launch a course you previously started.



Employees: Instructions for using ELM and a Learner Quick Start Guide

Supervisors/Managers: Manager Quick Start Guide

Technical Help: MMB Technical Help Guide (PDF)

Overview of ELM: ELM Learning Home YouTube Video

Safety Training

Contact Winona State University Environmental Health & Safety Departmentfor more information.


Teaching, Learning & Technology Training

Contact Winona State University TLT Department for more information.

Minnesota State offers several internal leadership development programs for supervisors, managers, mid-level leaders and executives.


Training Programs for Newly Hired or Promoted Leaders

Supervisory Training: Art and Science of Supervisionare training programs for new and experienced supervisors in our system. E-learning content, online resources and in-depth seminars help all leaders in our system to become more effective.

New Administrator Orientation and Coaching is an annual orientation for new administrators with individual coaching sessions.


Luoma Leadership Academy

The Luoma Leadership Academy is an intensive year-long development program for a cohort of individuals who aspire to future leadership positions or want to improve their leadership skills in their current position.


Leadership Development Resources for Supervisors, Administrators and Deans

Academic Dean Orientation is an e-learning course for all new and interim academic deans, focusing on the specialized duties and the knowledge needed to excel in this role.


Finance for the Non-Financial Administrator

An e-learning course designed to help administrators understand their financial duties. Register in Employee Self-Service / Enterprise Learning Mgmt (ELM) and a login link to the program will be sent to you.

Winona State University offers a tuition waiver benefit to most employees, their spouses and dependents based on criteria provided in the various union contracts or salary plans. The waiver covers the cost of tuition and, in some cases, course fees.

All users of tuition waiver benefit must submit an online Tuition Waiver Application form no later than 10 days following the start of the course for which the user is seeking to waive tuition and/or fees.

Online Tuition Waiver Application

Please note that signing into the Tuition Waiver Program requires a StarID.

Additional Tuition Waiver Information


Classified Employees Frontline Conference

​The annual Minnesota State staff training and development conference offers a broad array of professional development sessions. Attendees attend breakout sessions on a wide variety of professional development topics, and networking opportunities are provided throughout the conference. Information is available to current staff on the Frontline Conference connect site.


Unclassified Professional Development Programs

IFO employees are allocated a specific amount for professional development activities. See the IFO collective bargaining agreement for more information.

ASF employees qualify for Professional Improvement Fund (PIF) grants. See MSUAASF collective bargaining agreement for more information.

Understanding the Law

Training Video: Minnesota State FLSA (created 2017)

Non-exempt employee travel

DOL Fact Sheet #22: Hours Worked Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

MMB Fact Sheet: Travel Time for non Exempt Employees

"On-Call" Compensation

DOL Fact Sheet #22: Hours Worked Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)


eTimesheet Training Resources

NON-EXEMPT Training (screenshot guides)