Public Jobs: Private Data

As an employee of Minnesota State, you should complete the training program entitled: Public Jobs/Private Data. As a campus, we deal with a wide variety of non-public data ranging from student grades, personnel information, to payroll information. Therefore, it is essential that each of us has a concrete understanding of what private data consists of and how to best protect it in an ever-changing and increasingly electronic work environment.

This training is required for all Minnesota State employees because of the importance of this issue for our campuses and the communities we serve. All Winona State administrators, faculty and classified staff (including any student workers) should complete the program. The program has been downloaded and is ready to take at any time.

It is important to understand that this is mandatory training.  If you are a supervisor, please ensure that your supervisees complete this training.

All employees have a Desire2Learn account. You can log in by going to the D2L log-in page. It will request a username and password. You will use the same username and password that you use to log into your computer every day. The course name is "Public Jobs Private Data," and can be found under My Winona State University Courses. If you have difficulties accessing D2L, please contact TLT at 507.457.5240.

Consult with your manager or supervisor if you have any questions about taking or completing the courses. Thank you for your participation.