ID Information

The Human Resources Office of Winona State University understands that employees have several IDs to utilize. Here is a helpful summary of your State/SEMA-4 ID, MN State/StarID and your WSU Tech/Warrior ID. 

State ID (Sema4 ID Number)
  • Every employee of the state of Minnesota is given a State ID number. This does not change. You may find your State ID number by calling or emailing the Human Resources Office (507.457.5005 or
  •  You use your State ID number to log into the State of Minnesota Employee Self Service Website.
  • This is the site to view your paystubs, W-2s, and benefit information online. This is also the site you use to enroll in your insurance.
Star ID (MN State ID username)
  • The intent of the Star ID is to replace the WSU Tech ID, so that each MN State employee has one ID username, especially if they are working for multiple campuses. Please note that this does not replace your State ID number.
  • You may obtain this username by visiting the Star ID website.
  • This username is used for access to such MN State Systems as E-Time and Tuition Waivers.

WSU Tech ID (Warrior ID Number)

  • Every WSU employee gets a Tech ID number. You should receive this information with your New Employee Network Account. You may also obtain this number by calling or emailing the Technical Support Center (507.457.5240 or 
  • This is the number printed on your WSU ID Card.