Making a Purchase for Goods and Services

Purchases can be made in three different ways:
Field Orders are used only for items received at the place of purchase. They cannot be mailed or faxed to a vendor.
  • Fill out a Field Order form. Once approved, you will be mailed a .pdf to print and take to the vendor to complete your purchase.
  • These must be presented to the vendor at time of purchase and/or delivery.
  • Afterwards, check “My Tasks” in WarriorSpace to upload a picture of the receipt and submit. The receipt must be uploaded within 5 working days.
  • If the actual purchase amount is more than the estimated amount, the form will route for a second approval.

Things to Remember:

  • Field Orders can be requested up to 30 days in advance
  • Purchase must be under $2000
  • Food purchases require additional documentation
Note: Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club and Fleet Farm do not accept Field Order forms.
A purchase order is not needed if you are using a Field Order or your University-issued Credit Card.

Campus users with a need to create and/or approve purchase order for their department will have to request access to the Marketplace purchasing system. Please send an email with that request to

To create a purchase order for an amount of:

  • Less Than $2,000: A minimum of one verbal, written or faxed quote is preferred, but not required.
  • $2,000-$24,999.99: A minimum of one hard copy quote from the vendor is required.
  • $25,000-$49,999.99: A minimum of two hard copy quotes are required. May or may not be required to go out for advertised bids on the State Register.
  • $50,000 or More: Must be advertised through State Register and for sealed bids requested contact for the process.
Once a user secures access to Marketplace, a requisition must be created when you know you will be spending money.

  • Blanket Order: Purchase orders for service (speakers), catering (Chartwells), or varying invoices over a period of time (a year-long rental billed monthly). When you receive an invoice or Services Performed Form, send it to with a message that it is “Okay to pay P0xxxxxx partial/final payment.” Creating a receipt is not required.
  • Catalog Order: Online shopping experience from select vendors on the Marketplace homepage (Office Depot, Staples). You must create a receipt (PDF) in Marketplace when the items arrive. Invoices are automatically generated. Once a receipt has been created, Accounts Payable will be notified to pay the invoice.
  • Non-catalog Order: Purchase orders for tangible items that ship to you in a box (chairs, t-shirts, banners). You must create a receipt (PDF) in Marketplace when the items arrive. When you receive an invoice, send it to with a message that it is “Okay to pay P0xxxxxx partial/final payment."
  • Payment Request: When you have an invoice but no encumbrance in place. Attach your invoice to the requisition and Accounts Payable will get a notification to pay the invoice. An Obligation of Encumbrance 16A is required when work started or goods were received before you created a requisition. In rare cases, a payment request can be used for memberships and subscriptions but use of a University-issued Credit Card is strongly encouraged.

Remember to attach any important information to your requisition in Marketplace such as quotes, a Request for Approval to Incur Special Expenses when ordering food, an Obligation of Encumbrance 16A if needed, and/or additional information.

See the contracts page for more information on which purchases may need a contract. Contact at any time if you would like to change the cost center on your purchase order, close a purchase order, or increase/decrease an encumbrance.

For more information on purchasing cards, including information on appropriate use, visit the University Credit Card User Manual page.