Club Accounts

Student clubs having a recognized constitution and that are in good standing may request and receive funding from the Student Activity Fund Committee (SAFC). The funding comes from WSU student activity fees that are paid by each student based on their credit hours. There are certain restrictions as to how those funds are spent.

Visit WSU Clubs and Organizations for more information.

Clubs requesting funds and approved by the SAFC receive a start-up budget for each new fiscal year. Funding for special projects may also be requested during the school year. After the Student Senate approves funding and/or special request funding, the student senate treasurer notifies the Budget Analyst, Melissa Soppa ( and requests that the funds be allocated to the club’s account (cost center).

Any revenue from fund raising or club dues may be deposited into the club account at the Cashier’s office in the Warrior Hub. Revenue that the club earns during the fiscal year, if not spent, will carry forward to the new fiscal year. Funds allocated by the SAFC will not.

Club Paying for Services

Complete a 1400 Form and attach any quotes. After work has concluded, obtain an invoice from the vendor and turn it in to the Business Office.

Things to Remember:

  • Student clubs may not maintain any off-campus accounts. Absolutely no student club funds may be transferred at any time to any other on-campus account or any off-campus account. 
  • Student clubs may choose to deposit fundraising dollars in to their SAFC cost center (334XXX) or choose to maintain a separate fundraising account (900XXX ) Funds from those two cost centers cannot be transferred back and forth.
  • An expenditure correction/cash transfer may be done between a 334XXX and a 9 ledger cost center only with adequate proof that a specific invoice was charged to the wrong cost center. (Must be verified with the advisor and be done for exactly the amount of that one invoice only).