University Credit Card User Manual

If you had transactions they will be emailed to you separately every other Wednesday from WarriorSpace as a Credit Card Charge Review.

Click into each email and follow the on-screen instructions, this additional help is provided within the PDF above.

If you have not made a charge this statement period, you will not receive any emails.

Winona State University’s Credit Card program provides a University-issued VISA credit card to individually-approved staff and faculty members who demonstrate a continued need to make purchases for University business including both supplies and travel related expenses. A Credit Card is an easy way to make purchases in a quick and efficient manner directly with vendors; reducing and eliminating paperwork and time.

Your transactions will be charged to the “default” cost center that you entered above in the event you do not allocate your transactions by the stated deadline every two weeks. The responsible person on that cost center will also have to electronically approve this application acknowledging that their cost center may be charged for these transactions.


The Credit Card will be declined by a vendor if the vendor has been blocked or if the transaction limit on the card has been exceeded. The program has been set up to block certain vendors that are not associated with University related expenses. Remember, just because the card is accepted and the charge goes through, it does not make it an authorized purchase.

A purchase made with a Credit Card may be made in-person, by telephone, secure fax, Internet or U.S. Mail. Obtain an itemized paid receipt for every transaction to electronically attach to your allocation. Receipts must include the following information: vendor name, item description(s), cost, and date.

Maintaining the security of the Winona State Credit Card is the responsibility of the cardholder. This is true for online transactions as well as for traditional use. While there is some liability protection against credit card fraud, personal diligence is required to prevent personal legal obligation of charges. The following guidelines are recommendations for general online credit card use.

  • Document all on-line transactions, at the point of purchase. Note the date and time, WEB location (URL) and perform a print screen for the final transaction.
  • Read the site’s security, “terms of use” and /or Privacy policy before proceeding with any transaction. If you feel uncomfortable with the terms, do not proceed with the transaction, but contact the site directly to discuss your concerns.
  • Do not save any credit card and/or password information on your computer or vendor websites. Most sites and browsers offer this option, but it provides a means for others to easily access this information.
  • Always use an up to date browser with a secure HTTP connection indicated by HTTPS:// in the address bar of your browser and a "Locked Padlock" symbol near the address bar before proceeding with the transfer of any credit card information. The Technical Support Center (TSC) will also assist in installing and configuring your browsers to ensure the highest level of security possible.
  • Never email your credit card information to a vendor or another user for use on your behalf.
  • Always password protect your computer and mobile devices and do not share them with others.
  • Report any concerns to the Business Office.
  • Additional security training can be attained by contacting Teaching Learning Technology.

Credit Cards are the property of Winona State University and are NOT to be used for personal transactions under ANY circumstances regardless of reimbursement to the University. A cardholder who makes an unauthorized Credit Card purchase, uses the Credit Card in an inappropriate manner or for personal use, may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including; revocation of the Credit Card, criminal prosecution and restitution of the unauthorized use, as well as termination of employment.

All charges that are not authorized and approved by the University will be the responsibility of the employee to whom the card is issued. The employee will reimburse the State of Minnesota at Winona State University for all incurred charges and any fees related to the collection of those charges.

Process when inappropriate use is suspect may include, but is not limited to:

  • asking cardholder about the business purpose of their purchase
  • temporary revocation of the Credit Card
  • review with supervisor or manager
  • review with vendor
  • consulting with Human Resources

If the cardholder is unsure whether a purchase can be processed with the card, please contact the Business Office prior to making the purchase. If any item purchased with a Credit Card is deemed not acceptable, arrangements must be made by the cardholder to return for a credit or exchange, or a reimbursement to the University using personal funds is expected. A cash refund or check from the vendor is prohibited unless the vendor insists that a refund must be paid by cash or check. These funds must be deposited at the Cashier’s Office immediately to the cost center that was charged.

If you have a disputed charge and cannot reach resolution with the vendor, call US Bank 800.344.5696 and the Business Office within 60 days of the date the charge was posted by the vendor.

The use of a Credit Card results in a liability to Winona State University; it is not a personal liability for the cardholder. It is however the responsibility of each individual cardholder to:

  • Always keep the credit card in a secure location and safeguard the account number. Do not post the number or write it in any location that is accessible to others. The only person to use the Credit Card is the person whose name appears on the front of the card. Card sharing is not allowed. Do not give the account number to another employee;
  • Report fraudulent transactions, lost or stolen credit cards immediately to US Bank 800-344-5696 and the Business Office;
  • Report to the Business Office if the cardholder will be leaving the University on an extended leave. The card limit will be reduced until the return of the employee;
  • Return the Credit Card to the Business Office for account closure and to have the card destroyed if the cardholder will be leaving the University permanently or has a new assignment at the University not requiring these types of purchases.


Every two weeks, WarriorSpace will email you each of your transactions at the close of your statement. It is the responsibility of the employee cardholder to verify the correctness of the billing by performing the following allocation by the due date posted on the transaction:

  • Verify the transaction amount is correct;
  • Describe the item(s) and business purpose of the purchase;
  • Choose a category for the purchase;
  • Upload/Attach at least one itemized receipt showing item(s) were paid by credit card, with a matching dollar amount;
  • Enter the cost center the expense should be charged to.

When you Submit the form, it will electronically route to the responsible person on the cost center for approval. If you are listed on the cost center, you must choose another person. You may not approve your own transactions. After cost center approval, the form will route to the Business Office for final auditing and the transaction will be charged to the cost center.

Vacation, holidays or extended leave conflicts are your responsibility to resolve. Violation of this deadline may result in deactivation of your card.

Purchases made during the last calendar days of the fiscal year will be charged to the fiscal year according to the Year-End Purchasing Deadlines.


Cardholders are authorized to use the University Credit Card to purchase merchandise required as a function of their duties at Winona State University in accordance with MinnState System Procedure 7.3.3 Purchasing Cards.

  • The program is intended for the purchase of supply items, memberships and subscriptions. Any deviation from those categories should be discussed with the Business Office before making the purchase.
  • Making multiple smaller purchases to stay under your purchasing limit is not allowed. If you need to make a larger purchase, ask the vendor if they will accept a purchase order or consult with the Business Office. Details on other purchasing methods can also be found.
  • WSU holds a MN Sales Tax exemption certificate which you can present to vendors. The tax exemption number is 1746999. A copy of the current form can be found if the vendor requires a hard copy.
  • All Orders must ship to an official Winona State campus address.
    • Our Winona campus shipping address is:
      • 175 W. Mark St., Winona MN 55987
    • Our Rochester-RCTC campus shipping address is:
      • Rochester Center Room 1, 859 30th Ave SE, Rochester MN 55904
    • Our Rochester-Broadway location shipping address is:
      • Riverside 3rd floor, 400 South Broadway, Rochester MN 55904
    • Our mailing address is:
      • PO Box 5838, Winona MN 55987
  • Make sure the vendor puts your full name and department on their shipping label. This will help Facilities to deliver the package directly to you.
  • Insist that the vendor enclose a packing slip/invoice with each shipment. This will help Facilities to deliver the package directly to you if the box isn’t properly labeled.
  • If the vendor cannot enclose an invoice with the shipment, insist they email one immediately to your attention. (You will need one as backup documentation to attach to your allocation.)
  • Inform vendor that all information regarding your purchases must be sent to your attention. They are not to send copies of invoices or statements to the Business Office.
  • When the merchandise is delivered verify that the invoice matches what was shipped. Returns are handled just like any credit card purchase. The vendor should issue credit for any item that has been discussed and agreed to for return. Ship the item back to the vendor or if bought locally, take it back along with the purchase receipt. You should request that a credit be applied back to your Credit Card. A cash refund or store credit is not acceptable. If the item was shipped, keep a copy of the shipping form and or packing slip in case further follow-up is required.
  • The current per transaction limit is $5,000.00

Cardholders (with a fully-approved Travel Request on file) are also authorized to use the University Credit Card to purchase travel as required as a function of their duties at Winona State University in accordance with MinnState System Procedure 5.19.3 TRAVEL MANAGEMENT. This program is intended for the purchase of travel expenses for yourself only. Any exceptions should be discussed with the Business Office before making the purchase.

  • Lodging – licensed lodging, standard room only (room, tax and required resort fees). NO additional fees, amenities or services are allowed. Special rates exclusive to Inter Faculty Organization (IFO) Professional Development Fund (PDF) have been established for lodging expense when traveling on professional study and travel (19B) funds. Supplemental funds (27D), if available, may be used if the amount exceeds the maximums allowed. See U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) for continental U.S. travel and U.S Department of Defense (DoD) for travel outside of the continental U.S, including Alaska and Hawaii, for rates applicable to your trip.
  • Airfare – tickets may be purchased for the cardholder only on the University-issued Credit Card for departures from La Crosse WI, Rochester MN and Minneapolis/St Paul MN. Always seek the lowest fare possible. NO airline upgrades, NO additional fees for choosing a preassigned seat and NO airline club admission fees. NO optional travel/baggage insurance. NO additional fees, amenities or services are allowed. NO reimbursement for airline tickets.
  • Checked bags
  • Memberships
  • Conference fees
  • Taxi and shuttle services- Obtain a business card from taxis whenever possible. It will contain information that may not be on your receipt.
  • Rental car- Enterprise is the State contracted vendor
  • Rental car gas
  • Parking
  • Meal expenses cannot be charged on your credit card. You should seek reimbursement for your actual costs not to exceed the allowable limits per your bargaining unit.

ALL Transactions:

  • Must have order information that includes your official Winona State campus email address (no personal emails)
  • The Winona campus bill to address 175 W Mark St., Winona MN 55987
  • Must have an approved Travel Request on file before any purchase can be made.
  • You must obtain an itemized paid receipt at the time of purchase. (You will need one to attach to your allocation.)

If you will be leading a student group (with a fully-approved Travel Request on file), related expenses may be charged to your card:

  • Meal expenses when travelling with student groups; approved organized group meals, including employees, can be charged but you must identify, on the receipt, what individual meals represent each employee or staff present.
  • Lodging expense when traveling with student groups; approved student licensed lodging expense can be charged to your credit card for the room and tax amount plus any required resort fees.
  • Conference Fees when traveling with student groups; the cost for approved registration fees can be charged to your credit card.
  • Parking expense when traveling with student groups; the cost for approved vehicle parking can be charged to your credit card.
  • Airfare tickets for student groups must be purchased through the Business Office. The employee ticket should be purchased with the group.

Travel expenses are not exempt from MN State Sales tax.


Inappropriate use will be considered purchases including, but not limited to:

  • Computer hardware, printers, software, electronic devices, web page services and domains. Please follow the Faculty & Staff policy.
  • Using the card for any personal charges
  • Office items that are for personal use (including greeting cards, party supplies, pictures, decorations, flowers, gifts, etc.)
  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs, or pharmaceutical products, tobacco, weapons or explosives
  • Payments for services to a business, individuals, employees, or students for any reason (including consulting services, honorarium payments, contributions of any kind and student aid payments)
  • Buying club memberships (Sam’s Club, Costco, etc.) are not allowed. Amazon Prime is allowed if you can document that there is a savings that outweighs the cost each year. You must have a dedicated account for business purposes only and no personal purchases can be made using the Amazon Prime benefits
  • Appliances (microwaves, refrigerators, Keurigs, coffee pots, etc.)
  • Water coolers or delivery services
  • Drones
  • Cash advances
  • Pyramiding (making multiple small purchases to accomplish a purchase over your current limit)
  • Mailing services (UPS, FED EX, PAC-N-MAIL, etc) Contact WSU Facilities for more information on making a shipment out from campus
  • Airline upgrades, preassigned seats or airline club admission fees
  • Optional travel/baggage insurance
  • Expenses of traveling companions or any purchases made for other individuals
  • Expenses related to vacation or personal days away
  • “No-Show” charges (fail to cancel guaranteed room reservations)
  • Room upgrades or amenities
  • GPS or other add on devices issued with the use of a rental vehicle
  • Vehicle rental insurance for Enterprise/National as it is included in the State contract
  • Traffic or parking violation tickets
  • Personal car gas
  • State motor pool gas
  • Relocation expense
  • Gifts or donations
  • Tuition - Any payments for academic courses not covered under a tuition waver. Please seek reimbursement using the Employer Expense Report.
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Exceeding budget limits
  • Loss of receipts and allocating transactions after the due date