Manage Courses

These are resources and processes you will need to manage your course load this semester.

If you are looking for information about future courses, learn more about developing academic programs.

To set up a course substitution, complete the Course Substitution Form. This must be completed by the faculty advisor.

To set up an independent study course or other arranged courses, a faculty member must complete the Independent Study & Arranged Course Form.

View the students who are waiting to join your classes with the Waitlist Report.

If you wish to add a student to your course this is already full, you can register them manually through the Registration Override process (formerly known as the Blue Card). This is the same process for admitting students to courses that require instructor permission.

To override the usual registration process, submit a Registration Override Form. You’ll need to provide the following information:

  • the term in which the course is to be taken
  • the student's Warrior ID or StarID
  • the course ID

The number of credits and grade method will automatically populate unless the course is a variable credit course or there is more than one grading method option.

Once the registration override is processed, the student will receive an email notifying them that they are registered for the course.

If you have questions about registration overrides, contact the Warrior Hub at 507.457.2800.

Students are required to attend the first meeting of all classes according to campus-wide policy.

This policy is meant to improve students’ access to classes they need and want. By identifying students who have decided to drop a particular class as early as possible, other students will be to enroll in their seats.

As an instructor, you have the option to cancel a student’s registration if the student fails to attend the first class meeting of a closed (aka full) class. However, you are not required to do so.

Complete the First Day Drop Form if you wish to drop a student from your class after the first day. If you cancel the student’s registration, the student will receive an email notification.

Use the online Grade Change Form to make a change to students’ grades. The instructor and the student will be emailed when this form is fully processed.

Grades Currently Accepted at WSU

  • Normal Grade Method (Minnesota State Code 01) | A, B, C, D, F
  • Pass/No Credit Grade Method (Minnesota State Code 04) | P, NC
  • Administrative Indicators | I = incomplete, IP = In-Progress, AU = Audit, W = Withdraw

The course instructor determines the content of the final exam. You are encouraged to discuss what is on the final exam with students prior to giving the final.

Final exams are typically held during Final Exam Week and follow a standard schedule each semester.

If you teach a course that begins after 6pm or would otherwise like to reschedule an exam during Final Exam Week, talk to your college dean about your options.

Additionally, it is up to the instructor and the student to work out any arrangements to take the exam at another time.

Departments may choose to offer courses through the Adult & Continuing Education office.

Non-Credit Courses

Learn how to develop a non-credit course and submit a Non-Credit Term Course Form.