Giving to Athletic Training

WSU Alumni Scholarship

Alumni and friends of the WSU Athletic Training program created a scholarship to honor an outstanding student within this program each year.

Past Recipients

2022: Brook Echter
2021: Ella Otto
2020: Leah Messelt 
2019: Daniel Appleton
2018: Kaitlin Grapes
2017: Erin Garry
2016: Teresa Nicolet 
2015: Allison Hocking
2014: Joshua Dahl
2013: Emily Beckel
2012: Jared Bechel
2011: Samual Moore

Consider Donating Today

We're working toward expanding this scholarship fund, so we can award additional funds and/or multiple scholarships for deserving students within our program.

To help us with this effort, please fill out the donation form (PDF).