Athletic Training at Winona State

Athletic Training program graduates have an 95% BOC pass rate.

Winona State University has a long-standing tradition of graduates who become certified athletic trainers and make positive contributions to the allied health profession of athletic training.

Some WSU graduates have secured positions with professional, semi-professional and Olympic teams. Others have been hired as

  • university head athletic trainers
  • clinic directors
  • physician clinics
  • industrial/corporate athletic trainers
  • high school athletic trainers

The WSU Athletic Training program provides students with the knowledge and skills required to become highly competent, multi-skilled healthcare professionals.

Students complete a rigorous academic program both in the classroom and in the clinical setting, using the most advanced technology and evidence-based research.

Applications Now Being Accepted

Apply for the Summer 2023 cohort.

 Learn How to Apply

The Athletic Training program has transitioned to an entry level Master of Science in  Athletic Training (MSAT) (PDF) program.

Freshmen students interested in this professional program can complete both a bachelor’s degree in Movement Science and a master’s degree in Athletic Training in only five years.

At this time, the WSU Athletic Training Program is not accepting new applications into the undergraduate program.

Students who have completed a bachelor's degree can apply for the two-year professional MSAT program to become an athletic trainer.

Learn more about the five-year Athletic Training program (3+2 - BS and MSAT) and two-year MSAT program.

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