Program Frequently Asked Questions

Who should enroll in the Preparation and Learning Program?

All students in the College of Science and Engineering who are taking their first college level math class at WSU.


Is there a fee for enrolling in the program?

Yes, there is a fee of $25 that you will pay online with a credit card. This will allow you to take up to five assessments over twelve months and give you access to a prep and learning module for six months from the date you start using it.


How do I get started?

You can get started by following these five simple steps:

  1. Go to the ALEKS website
  2. On the first screen select:  “New student? Sign Up Now”
  3. Under “using ALEKS with a class” enter the course code: GAAVF-WWHVD
  4. Set up your ALEKS account using your full legal name and Star ID number
  5. Follow the remaining instructions

Detailed registration instructions (PDF) have also been created for your reference.


Where can I take the assessment?

You can take the assessment anywhere you have a computer and an Internet connection. This is not a proctored test. You take it on your own. Find a place where you can concentrate and won’t be interrupted.


How long will the assessment take?

Most students finish the assessment in about 90 minutes but the time will vary by student. There will be a maximum of 30 questions. Do not rush. Give the assessment your best effort. Once you start the assessment you will have 48 hours to finish the assessment.


Can I use my calculator when I take the assessment?

The use of calculators or any other resources such as textbooks, notes, friends or web searches are not permitted during your assessment. You may use scratch paper and a pen or pencil. Any other required resources including a calculator, when appropriate, will be provided by ALEKS.


What if I don’t finish the assessment during the time allowed?

You will have to restart the assessment from the beginning.


After I take the ALEKS Assessment how will I know which math class I should be taking?

Use the chart below to find your suggested course.

ALEKS Assessment Score
Suggested Class
Math 050 Intermediate Algebra
Math 115 College Algebra
Math 120 Precalculus
Math 212 Calculus I

Can I take the assessment more than once?

You may take up to five assessments within twelve months. You must wait a minimum of 48 hours between assessments and spend a minimum of 3 hours working in your prep and learning module.


Where can I get help with ALEKS?

ALEKS Support & Assessment Placement


What should I do if my assessment indicates I should be in a different math class?

Arrange a meeting with the Math Department Chair as soon as possible. Many classes fill quickly, which can limit the ability to rearrange your schedule. The earlier you make a request for a class change the greater the possibility of making the change successfully.