Centers and Initiatives

The College of Science and Engineering supports student and faculty research, interaction with business and industry, and community service. To further these goals, the college has established centers, under faculty supervision, which provide unique student employment opportunities in “real-world” research and problem-solving:

Composite Materials Technology Center (COMTEC)

COMTEC, managed by the Engineering Department, tests manufactured materials and products for numerous local and regional companies needing quality assurance and specification testing. The center also serves as a working laboratory for instruction and engineering research.

Large River Studies Center (LRSC)

LRSC, administered through the Biology Department, provides students with the opportunity to conduct research on large river ecosystems and associated bodies of water. LRSC also is responsible for disseminating information about the upper Mississippi River and other large river ecosystems to local, regional, and scientific communities.

Statistical Consulting Center

The Statistical Consulting Center (SCC) is an educational and service unit operated by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Winona State University. Its primary mission is to enhance research efforts by providing quality statistical support to faculty and students.

Water Resources Center

The Southeastern Minnesota Water Resources Center strives to educate and inform the students, citizens, and public agencies of the region about our natural resources through the development of partnerships and research.

Engaged Teaching and Scholarship

The Center provides academic experiences for students that engage them in authentic, relevant, and important community work.