Meeting Rooms & Equipment

Kryzsko Commons Student Union has a variety of meeting, dining and conference rooms available to meet your needs. Most of them have flexible set up options. 

Please contact the Student Union staff at if you have any specific questions about the rooms.

Rooms Available to Reserve

Meeting Rooms & Event Spaces

Room reservations are available to WSU faculty, staff, or students.

If you are a community member or a guest of WSU, contact the Student Union staff at to learn about space availability and to make the reservation.

All reservation requests are processed in the order that they are received. Your request is not final until you receive a confirmation email.

Rental Rates

WSU groups/departments are not charged for reservations. Non-profit organizations may receive up to a 50% discount.

Book multiple rooms and save 50% on each additional room of lesser value (per day). All rental rates are effective Jan. 1, 2022.

  • Kryzsko Ballroom: $750
  • Solarium: $500
  • Baldwin Lounge: $500
  • Student Activity Center: $400
  • Purple Rooms: $100 each, $175 for two, $250 for all three
  • Oak Rooms E,F,G: $100 each, $175 for two rooms, $250 for all three
  • Zane's Stage & Seating area: $400
  • Conference Rooms (River Room, 252, G100, 176): $100 each
  • Lower Hyphen Table rentals: $100 per table
  • Entire Kryzsko Commons: $2,000

Study Rooms

Group study rooms are designated for group study for the WSU community. The rooms are not soundproof, so please be courteous of your neighbors.

This is different than reserving meeting rooms for student organization club meeting or event.

To reserve a study room, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the WSU Meeting Room Booking System (Virtual EMS)
  2. Click on My Account, then Log In
  3. Log in with your StarID and password
  4. Under Reservations, select Library and Student Union Study Room Request
  5. Fill in the information on the left, and click Find Space
  6. Click the green cross to select your room, then click on the Details tab
  7. The Details tab should be filled out as follows:
    1. Event name: Your study group name
    2. Event type: Supplemental Learning
    3. Group: Click on the magnifying glass, search for Individual Student. Select using the green cross
    4. 1st contact: Individual Student
    5. Email: Your Winona State University email address
  8. Click Submit. This will bring you to a confirmation page
  9. You should receive an email confirming your reservation

If your reservation falls within the study room policies, it will be automatically added to the schedule.

Equipment Available To Reserve

All meeting rooms include at no charge a projector/screen or flat panel TV equipped with Airtame for screen sharing.

Visit Airtame to download the installer for first time users.

Kryzsko Ballroom, Baldwin Lounge, and SAC each have dedicated microphones for use. 2 handless wireless and 2 lapel.

In addition, the Student Union has a variety of no cost equipment available:

  • 4 - Lecterns (podiums)
  • 3 - Portable white boards/flipchart stands (notepads not included)
  • 1 - Portable projector screen
  • 30 - Metal easels
  • 16 - Signage holders (8 – 8.5x11; 8 – 11x17)
  • 26 - Rope stanchions
  • 80 - Pipe and Drape
  • 10 - Table skirts

Kryzsko Commons Meeting Room Capacities

Last Updated: Aug. 4, 2021. Capacities are subject to change.


 Theater  Rounds  Open U  Closed Square
 460  375


Theater Rounds Open U Closed Square
280  240


 Theater  Rounds  Open U  Closed Square
 100  100    



 Theater  Rounds   Open U  Closed Square
 150  112



Theater Rounds Open U Closed Square
 140  90


River Room (229)

Standard Setup Theater  Rounds  Open U  Closed Square 
Fixed – 10

Room 252

Standard Setup Theater  Rounds  Open U  Closed Square 
Fixed – 14

Room G100

Standard Setup  Theater  Rounds  Open U  Closed Square 
Fixed – 12

Room 176

Standard Setup Theater  Rounds  Open U  Closed Square
Fixed – 10