Kryzsko Commons Student Union Policies

Kryzsko Commons Student Union offers many areas where the WSU community can gather together.

All students, staff and community members must abide by the policies for reserving rooms, hanging posters, providing food and beverages, safety and more.

COVID-19 General Policies

Any updates on policies and procedures posted to the University’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage will supersede any related policies and procedures within Kryzsko Commons Student Union.

Due to the demand for Kryzsko Commons Student Union facilities, academic classes may not be held in the Kryzsko Commons Student Union unless approved by the Student Union Director.

When approved, classes are scheduled by the Registrar’s Office and rental charges and associated fees apply.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union is committed to achieving full participation for persons with disabilities.

Registered Student Organizations, University Departments, or third-party organizations requesting event or meeting space accommodations should discuss with the Student Union Assistant.

The goal of Kryzsko Commons Student Union is to be the communication center for the campus community.

Inappropriate or explicit materials may be removed. Kryzsko Commons Student Union shall not be held responsible or accountable for the theft or vandalism of materials displayed.

We offer a variety of advertising opportunities, including the posting of flyers and banners and the use of sign stands, electronic displays, table tents, and more.

Free standing table tents are not permitted except for the one coordinated by the Student Union and Activities department. Unauthorized table tents will be thrown away.

Digital signage in Kryzsko Commons is managed by the Student Union Director.

Free Standing Banners or Boards on Easels & Collection Boxes

Locations are reserved through EMS on the Kryzsko Commons Template. Banners may be put out 2 weeks at a time, 4 times per recognized student organization or university department per year.

They can only be placed in these locations:

  • Bottom of stairs by Door 1 (3) – by Huff Street
  • Bottom of stairs by Door 3 (2) – by Prentiss-Lucas Hall
  • By Door 7 (1) – by Zane’s/Kryzsko Ballroom
  • By Door 9 (1) – by Minné Lot

Postings without reservation will be removed. Displays must not exceed 24" W x 36" T on easels, 35" W x 80" T if free standing.

Collection Boxes are only allowed at these locations and cannot exceed 35" W x 80" T:

  • Bottom of stairs by Door 1 – by Huff Street
  • Bottom of stairs by Door 3 – by Prentiss-Lucas Hall

Exceptions are only made with Student Union Director approval.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union Posting Policy

  • All bulletin boards are restricted and require approval to post
  • Posters should be dropped off to the Student Union Resource Desk for approval and posting
  • Maximum acceptable size is 11x17 with preference to 8.5x11. Anything larger requires Student Union Director approval.
  • Only one board is available for third party postings (off campus rental flyers, community events, etc.) and only one flyer will be accepted
  • All other boards are for internal campus postings only
  • WSU student organizations and departments may post only two copies of each flyer. If room is available during slower times of the year, then more may be possible
  • Student Union & Activities-sponsored activities and services may post up to four copies of each flyer (includes Student Senate, Warrior Entertainment Network, Homecoming, etc)
  • If the poster is not promoting a specific event or service with a deadline or is promoting a series of events lasting an extended period of time, then the poster may be covered by other posters with a shorter expiration
  • Posters may only be up for a maximum of 14 calendar days, then they will be discarded. If they’re promoting a long term series of events or service without expiration, they will be taken down no later than the end of the calendar year and could be covered during peak periods.
  • If bulletin boards are full, posters will be held until space is available and then posted in the order they are received
  • Walls, windows, columns or other surfaces may not be used for postings without director approval
  • Postings are not permitted in restrooms
  • Easels and sign holders are available for way finding, or for events within the same day. Advanced reservation preferred
  • Any unauthorized postings will be discarded.

The possession, consumption, and/or distribution of alcohol is not permitted on University property (regardless of age) without prior approval by the President.

The University supports the strict enforcement of Minnesota liquor laws. Contact the Student Union Assistant for more information.

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, any dog (or other animal as defined under the ADA) individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, are permitted in academic buildings.

Service animals should be on leash when not providing a needed service and at all times must be under the full control of the owner. Cleaning up after the animal is the sole responsibility of the owner.

For questions regarding service animals, please contact Access Services.

Emotional support animals are not allowed in any academic or non-academic buildings on campus.

Thus, emotional support animals will not be allowed within Kryzsko Commons Student Union.

Registered Student Organizations, University Departments, or third party organizations interested in displaying artwork in Kryzsko Commons Student Union must get approval from the Student Union Director.

Displays must be appropriate to the educational setting of the University and cannot interfere with the daily business and functions of Kryzsko Commons Student Union.

Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

For safety reasons, candles, incense, and open flames are not permitted in Kryzsko Commons Student Union unless approved by the Student Union Director.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union recognizes that chalking of sidewalks is a way to announce programs, promote events, exchange opinions, share messages and otherwise express ideas.

This policy is designed to permit sidewalk chalking while also advancing important university interests, including but not limited to:

  • ensuring campus safety
  • safeguarding entrances and exits to and from the building
  • protecting university property and facilities
  • maintaining the aesthetic appeal of campus

This policy applies to all university students, staff, faculty, affiliates and visitors.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union reserves the right to remove any and all chalking around the building that is not compliant with the law, the University Chalking Policy, Student Code of Conduct, or other university policies.

Learn more about the WSU Campus Chalking Policy.

All groups using Kryzsko Commons Student Union shall obey all published University and Kryzsko Commons Student Union policies, regulations, guidelines, as well as local, state, and federal laws.

Violations by any group may result in the loss of scheduling privileges within Kryzsko Commons Student Union.

Those being present while any infraction is occurring of Kryzsko Commons Student Union and/or University policy is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Suspected violations of policy will be reported to University officials.

Decorations and displays must be approved by the Student Union Assistant.

Where appropriate, command strips may work. Easels, PVC or other poles could work to hang items. Some options exist through the Student Union, while others will be the responsibility of the organizing entity.

Incidental fees will apply if any cleaning or repair is necessary following an event.

Taping, screwing, stapling, sewing, or otherwise fastening things to walls, doors, ceilings, curtains, windows, tables, stages, etc. is not allowed. Nothing is allowed that will damage or leave tape/residue on the finish of a room, furniture or equipment.

Due to difficulty in cleaning/extracting from furniture and carpets, glitter and confetti are not allowed. If a group does use glitter, they will be charged for cleaning time.

Before embarking on the process of creating decorations, theatrical sets, and other items that utilize paints, dyes, toxic markers, glitter, cutting tools, etc., a plan must be submitted to the Student Union Assistant.

All limitations imposed by the Student Union Assistant must be followed.

Any cleaning, repair or replacement necessary because of the activity will be billed to the responsible group.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union reaffirms its commitment to the freedoms of speech, expression, and assembly by establishing this policy.

Individuals have the right to assemble, to speak, and to attempt to attract the attention of others, and corresponding rights to hear the speech of others when they choose to listen, and to ignore the speech of others when they choose not to listen.

Assemblies and demonstrations must be conducted in compliance with these rules and other applicable University policy must not:

  1. Result in a breach of peace or violation of law
  2. Negatively impact the security, health, and safety of persons and/or property within Kryzsko Commons Student Union
  3. Interfere with the free and unimpeded flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic within the building or the entry/exit into the building
  4. Materially disrupt or interfere with the normal activities of Kryzsko Commons Student Union
  5. Damage or destroy building equipment and furniture

Registered Student Organizations, University Departments, and third-party organizations may assemble and/or demonstrate within the building during regular building hours as long as the assembly and/or demonstration adheres to the provisions above.

Please review the President’s statement on Free Speech and Academic Freedom.

Use of display cases in Kryzsko Commons Student Union is limited to Registered Student Organizations (RSO) and entities within the Student Union.

RSOs looking to get a display case should contact the Alliance of Student Organizations (ASO) Director for more information at

RSOs looking to gain access to their display case should visit the Student Union Resource Center for assistance.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union reserves the right to modify or remove items within display cases that are considered inappropriate.

Winter weather conditions may cause individual class and/or event cancellations even though the campus remains open.

It is up to faculty and event organizers whether to cancel their classes or events due to weather. At times, the building may close as well.

Notification of class cancellations or campus closures will be placed on the University website and sent out through WSU Alert.

Notification of event cancellations will be the responsibility of event sponsors.

Registered Student Organizations, University Departments, and third-party organizations are prohibited from scheduling an event in Kryzsko Commons Student Union which exceeds established building hours.

Groups who wish to schedule an event that would exceed established building hours must gain permission from the Student Union Director.

It is the policy of WSU to provide faculty, staff, students and visitors with the safest possible environment, free from potential fire hazards.

Access to fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, smoke detectors and doorways is to be unobstructed.

Fog, mist, or haze machines are not permitted unless approved by the Student Union Director.

In order to protect and possibly save your life and the lives of others, you must assume that there is a fire when the alarm sounds. All students must evacuate the building when a fire alarm is sounded.

Chartwells Dining Services has exclusive rights to provide all food service and catering in Kryzsko Commons Student Union.

Upon mutual written agreement with Minnesota State, Chartwells may relinquish its exclusive rights for a specific, pre-identified event. Bake sales must be approved by the Student Union Assistant.

However, groups cannot contact a local restaurant/pizza delivery establishment and get food delivered. This is considered catering and food must be provided through Chartwells.

Student organization cooking activities, defined as on-campus food prepared in partnership with University Dining Services, must be approved by Chartwells. This opportunity is limited to times when the kitchens are not needed for business purposes.

Contact Chartwells, at least four weeks before a student food development activity. This will allow sufficient time to order food and schedule staff. The requesting RSO must pay associated labor charges.

Fundraising and solicitations by Recognized Student Organizations and academic groups in Kryzsko Commons Student Union and across campus are subject to a variety of regulations.

All uses of the facility for fundraising require a reservation.

It is not permitted in the dining hall, food court, outside the bookstore or other common areas without permission from the Student Union Director.

Blocking of entrances to promote or execute fundraising activities is prohibited.

Equipment is reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Last minute equipment requests, which must be submitted through the Student Union Assistant no later than three business days prior to a scheduled event, cannot be guaranteed.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union equipment may not be removed from the building or moved from its original location without obtaining permission in advance from the Student Union Director.

Only Kryzsko Commons Student Union personnel may rearrange or dismantle furniture and equipment.

Individuals or groups are held financially responsible for damages and relocation to furniture and equipment.

Registered Student Organizations, University Departments, and third-party organizations must ensure appropriate supervision of minors.

Appropriate supervision includes having adults on site with the ability to intervene.

In order to ensure safe passage and to protect buildings, the use of bicycles, rollerblades and skateboards is not permitted in University buildings.

Rollerblades and skateboards can't be used in Kryzsko Commons Student Union or on the front porch, stairs, or handrails.

Personal assistive mobility devices may be used in order to accommodate a disability or on University business.

Registered Student Organizations, University Departments, and third-party organizations requesting the use of outdoor space (tables/chairs) should submit a request through EMS.

Allow at least 10 business days for approval.

Large events require forward and progressive planning and should be submitted earlier.

A secondary indoor site should be identified because furniture or equipment will not be moved outside during inclement weather.

To ensure parking for events can be effectively managed, individuals or groups requesting parking arrangements need to contact Parking Services during the planning phase of their event.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union has an electric piano in the Student Activity Center for public use and a second piano available for events.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union reserves the right to restrict access to the public piano, to ensure that use does not conflict with the daily business of Kryzsko Commons Student Union.

Pianists are expected to be courteous of others by monitoring their noise level and by responding promptly and politely when asked to cease playing.

The pianos cannot be relocated from their designated locations.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union reviews and updates policies and practices throughout the year.

Input is solicited through interested individuals, groups, evaluations, and committees.

Individuals or groups with concerns about any policy or interpretation of policy are encouraged to contact the Student Union Director.

Recognized Student Organizations, University Departments, and third party organizations may reserve space for political activities through EMS or by contacting the Student Union Assistant.

Political activities are defined as those activities which have as their purpose the endorsement, support, or advancement of a politically affiliated cause, organization, party, or candidate.

Any related fees are the responsibility of the candidate and must be paid in advance of the event. Fees will be charged as posted for each space used by the third party.

The University does not accept liability for the damage or loss or theft of personal property, even if attendants are on duty.

In the event property is stolen, notify University Security immediately.

Items found unattended or left behind in Kryzsko Commons Student Union will be held at the Student Union Resource Center for a limited period of time.

Anyone who finds unattended items or items left behind should bring them to the Student Union Resource Center.

All forms of gambling are illegal in any location within the State of Minnesota without an approved gambling permit, subject to certain exceptions and requirements.

However, student groups are not eligible for a gambling permit with the State of Minnesota or to conduct a raffle, regardless of total value of prizes, unless they have applied for and received 501(c) tax status with the Internal Revenue Service.

You may collect charitable donations at an event.

You may have a drawing for prizes at your event, provided that you do not sell tickets to attend the event or require a payment to enter the drawing for those prizes.

Admittance to the event and all prize drawings must be free for all who attend your event. There may be no real or implied cost for participation in your drawing.

In events where there is a prize drawing, you may also collect donations. However, participation in the drawing cannot be contingent on payment of the donation (i.e., the drawing and donation must remain separate at all times). The ticket or registration form for the drawing must state “no payment or donation is required.”

Bingo is an acceptable game of chance as long as no fees are collected for participation.

Drawings and Raffles

Student Groups will be solely responsible for compliance with all gambling laws, rules and ordinances, whether enumerated in this guide or not.

See Frequently Asked Questions about gambling laws.

A Registered Student Organization shall be defined as an organized group of students who have gathered to form an organization, registered and recognized by the WSU Student Senate, bound by a common constitution of their design, that share a common interest, goal, activity, commitment or purpose.

Learn more about Registered Student Organization Policy & Procedures (PDF).

Kryzsko Commons Student Union offers access to billiards, table tennis, foosball, shuffleboard/curling, board games, and yard games.

These items must not be removed from Kryzsko Commons (yards games are the only exception) and should be returned to the Student Union Resource Center no later than 15 minutes prior to the building closing time.

All pieces must be returned in proper working condition. If equipment is broken or missing critical pieces for play, the renter is responsible for the cost of replacement.

Please report any prohibited behavior to the staff at the Student Union Resource Center.

Kryzsko Commons Student Union offers storage units for Registered Student Organizations.

Space is allocated through an annual application process coordinated by the Student Activities staff.

Club/organizations must be in good standing with WSU Student Senate to be eligible for storage in Kryzsko Commons Student Union.

Once space is allocated to a Registered Student Organization, access is granted by visiting the Student Union Resource Center during normal building hours.

Storage units are located behind the Student Activity Center stage and are 46”D x 42”H x 32”W. This is approximately the size of 4 medium sized storage totes.

Learn more about RSO Storage Units Policies and Procedures (PDF).

Events may require additional facility staffing to address additional service requests, security needs and/or risk management concerns at the expense of the organization hosting the event.

The Student Union Assistant will advise the host(s) of the need for security and any applicable fees. The related costs will be billed to the organization hosting the event.

The severe weather shelter location for Kryzsko Commons Student Union is the Student Activity Center which is located on the lower level.

At the first indication of a tornado or severe weather, go to the shelter area and stay away from windows.

Do not go outside.

Do not use an elevator. Electrical power could be disrupted.

Smoking/smokeless tobacco usage is prohibited in all campus buildings including:

  • academic and administrative buildings
  • the student union
  • all residence halls, including private rooms and campus-owned apartments

Study room policies are in place to ensure that study rooms are accessible to all WSU students.

When signing up for a study room, please keep the following in mind:

  • Please do not sign up for a room if you do not plan to use it
  • If you do not show up 15 minutes after your reservation, another user can use that room for the remainder of the time (until the next reservation)
  • A maximum of three hours per slot
  • One slot per day for each individual user
  • No more than two slots per week for each individual user
  • A week is defined as Monday through Sunday
  • Reservations cannot be made more than 7 days in advance Reservations in violation of these polices will be automatically deleted

If you have questions, visit the Student Union Resource Desk for assistance.

The Student Union Director makes final decisions regarding the scheduling of all student union space.

All meeting rooms include at no charge a projector/screen or flat panel TV equipped with Airetame for screen sharing.

Visit Airtame to download the installer for first time users.

Additional technical support needs within Kryzsko Commons Student Union can be accessed through the Student Union Resource Center or for more complex issues.

Email at least two weeks in advance.

Minnesota State facility use agreement is required for all third party reservations of Kryzsko Commons Student Union spaces.

Insurance provisions as outlined within the facility use agreement are also required.

Recognized Student Organizations, University departments, and third-party organizations may request the use of entryways, hallways, and lounges for public events by contacting the Student Union Assistant.

Approval will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Approved events must allow free flow of traffic.

Lounge space users are expected to be courteous of others by monitoring their noise level and responding promptly when asked to reduce noise levels.

No student, employee or individual shall carry or possess any prohibited weapons on or about their person whether visible or concealed in or on WSU owned or leased buildings, grounds and other facilities.

There is an exception for firearms possessed or carried in parking areas.

Registered Student Organizations, University Departments, and third-party organizations are prohibited from decorating windows within Kryzsko Commons Student Union.

Anyone who wishes to post something on the windows of Kryzsko Commons Student Union must gain permission from the Student Union Director and exceptions will be granted on a rare occasion.