Student Senate

Student Senate is the governing body of the Winona State University Student Association. In its capacity, Student Senate acts as the recognized voice and bargaining unit for all students at Winona State University. 

This is done through the process of consultation and student government. Student Senate is also responsible, through the Student Activity Fund Committee (SAFC), for appropriating budgets to student clubs and organizations.

The Senate is made up of the following positions:

Executives: President, Vice President, Treasurer
Senators: 29 seats

  • 5 seats: College of Nursing and Health Sciences
  • 2 seats: College of Business
  • 4 seats: College of Liberal Arts
  • 2 seats: College of Science and Engineering
  • 2 seats: College of Education
  • 2 seats per class (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior)
  • 4 at-large seats
  • 1 Graduate seat
  • 1 Rochester seat

Affiliate Positions: Executive Assistant, Alliance of Student Organizations Director, and Communications Director

Senate is made up of Academic Affairs, Inclusion and Diversity, Student Activity Fee Committee, and Student Services. The committees, along with their constitutional obligations, are:

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee focuses on a variety of issues affecting students’ academic life. This committee selects speakers for all commencement ceremonies, works with the bookstore on textbook issues, coordinates with departments to optimize career mapping, and serves as Student Senate's main academic liaison.

For more information, contact Chair Hermerding at

Equity and Inclusive Excellence

The Equity and Inclusive Excellence Committee was brought to WSU to address issues related to, but not limited to, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion, socio-economic status, gender or gender identity, nationality, marital status and age. The committee is focused on the recruitment, retention and/or admission of faculty, staff and students of diverse backgrounds, facilitating scholarly dialogue across campus, and making recommendations to Student Senate regarding inclusive and diverse approaches.

For more information, contact Chair Hossain at

Student Activity Fee Committee

The Student Activity Fund Committee (SAFC) oversees all funding for campus clubs and organizations. It reviews club funding requests, carries out the Funding Request Report (FRR) process each semester, and enforces the SAFC rules.

For more information, contact Treasurer O'Connor at

Student Services

The Student Services Committee is Student Senate’s student initiative committee. Student Services deals with issues directly affecting student life at WSU. It works with WSU Security, facilities, and the Vice President of Student Life and Development on a range of issues affecting students. The Student Services Committee is responsible for coordinating blood drives, representing Student Senate on the Student Health and Wellness Advisory Corps and managing the Improve WSU program.

For more information, contact Chair Bainbridge at

All Student Senate meetings are open to the student body. Every meeting will be live streamed.

Day & Time: Every Tuesday at 5pm
Location (Winona): Kryzsko Commons Solarium
Location (Rochester): ITV in ST 110

If you would like to be guest speaker and want to request funds from Student Senate, email by Monday at 12pm the week you would like to speak. Presentation examples will be emailed to you as a reference when preparing to present.

Any questions about presenting for funds can be directed to Treasurer Weber.

If you would like to discuss topics and issues related to student/campus life or other topics, please email by Monday at 12pm the week you would like to speak.

Indicate the topic you would like to discuss and include and PowerPoints or informational handouts.

Any questions can be directed to President Olson or Vice President Hytry.