StartUp Winona State

Entrepreneurship is not only starting a new business. It is also identifying issues in our society that need new solutions or new products that meet the challenge or issues we encounter in our lives. It’s about facing challenges at each step of creativity and innovation.

Even as our world needs more innovative solutions, it can be hard to take an idea and turn it into something real all on your own. That’s where StartUp Winona State comes in.

Discovery & Development

We help students, alumni, faculty, staff, and business and community leaders investigate entrepreneurship.

We also equip people and teams with the mindset and skills turning ideas into reality.

Learn Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a learned mindset and skillset solving problems, capturing opportunities, and turning ideas into meaningful outcomes like:

  • launching a new venture
  • solving problems within an organization
  • doing something cool for others

Entrepreneurship is an impact multiplier.

Make It Happen, Whatever It is for You

Entrepreneurship is not easy, and each situation is unique. It’s new to many, and you don’t know what you don’t know.

Curious? Want to learn more about entrepreneurship? Have a cool idea you want to work through?

We’ll roadmap something specific to you, and help you navigate your entrepreneurship journey.

Learn More

Reach out to Marshall Erickson at to learn more about how StartUp Winona can take you to the next phase of your entrepreneurship journey.