Continuing Education at Winona State


Winona State University Adult & Continuing Education provides access to learning that meets the short and long-term needs of all students and professionals.

With access to degree completion options, professional skills training and customized employee training programs, WSU Adult & Continuing Education can take you and your business where you want to go.

Explore the possibilities and opportunities that Winona State University has to offer:

Business & Operations

Regardless of organization or industry, business acumen and knowledge of best practices and trends in the business world can take any aspiring or seasoned professional to a whole new level of capacity and opportunity.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to bring added value to your team and get yourself noticed by people inside and outside of your organization!

The Business & Operations offerings at Winona State are developed and taught by experts from a variety of business backgrounds who understand the past, actively participate in the present, and work with diligence to
anticipate and influence the future. 

Health & Human Service

Health & Human Service professionals work in fast-paced and constantly evolving environments.

Not only do they need to be skilled and knowledgeable experts in their specialty, but they also must have the skills to seamlessly transition in working with people of all different backgrounds and lifestyles.

Breaking down communication barriers and identifying what each patient/client needs to be holistically healthy takes experience, dedication, and training.

These practical and interpersonal skills presented through the lens of healthcare is what WSU provides in our Health and Human Services trainings.

We educate on the most urgent and timely topics and issues of
today so that you are better prepared to serve those who entrust you with their care.


No one shapes the future of our society, economy, and industry quite like educators; and with that responsibility comes a real need and desire for continued educator training.

From teaching methods, to learning styles, to teaching technologies and supplemental learning tools, our professional development programs in Education provide you with new ideas and strategies to keep your teaching fresh, effective, and enjoyable.

Winona State has deep roots in teacher training, and we are passionate about helping teachers be at their best inside and outside of the classroom. 

Personal Enrichment

When you are looking for educational opportunities that will engage you beyond your intellectual and professional self, Winona State’s Personal Enrichment offerings deliver.

Explore new interests and further your passions as you feed and nurture the pieces of your life that revive and renew you.

These opportunities are also great for meeting new people and expanding your social and professional networks.