Child Welfare, Social Justice & Health Systems in Jamaica

Child Welfare, Social Justice and Health Systems in Jamaica (NURS 316 and SOCW 316). Mary Kirk, Amy Koehler and Jay Palmer. Dec 28th, 2020- Jan 8th, 2021. Goal 8. Open to nursing, social work, HERS, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, and education majors and CAST minors

Jamaica Informational Video

Student Testimonials

“This trip was truly amazing and if it were possible, I would go on it over and over again. The trip leaders made it feel like we were all a big family and I think everyone on the trip enjoyed their presence.”

“Traveling abroad is extremely beneficial, and by coming to Jamaica, I learned how different parts of the world work! I enjoyed learning about the child welfare systems and touring other agencies.”

“I believe that this trip was a trip of a lifetime in the sense that I got to see what other people will never get to see and will never be able to be impacted the way that I have been, and for that money is no obstacle in this case.”