Service Learning in India: Interdisciplinary Community Solutions (SUST 150)

Service Learning in India: Charissa Eaton, Anne Vandeburg, and Jennifer Zemke. May 14-26th, 2019. Goal 10. Open to all students from any major.

Student Testimonials

A social work student reflected on the importance of tackling problems such as sustainability through interdisciplinary teamwork. She said:

“Sometimes when I think about ways to make change in the world, I am often tempted to only think about ways that I can make an impact by myself, without thinking about a team or community. It’s important to remember that we will rarely have that sole responsibility.”

Another social work student explained how she will integrate her learning about sustainability and capacity development from this travel study experience into her professional persona:

“I will also use this experience to remind myself that not every change has to be big and grand, I can work every day to be the change in the world, starting with my own actions, thoughts, biases, or words. I will be more open and understanding of differences among people, but seek to find the commonalities that unites us, because we are a global community, we are all living, so we all have things in common. It’s important to recognize both of these things, because our differences and similarities make us unique and unite us as human beings.”