Music Education Workshop Series

Music teachers today need to "know the past, be ready for the future, and never stop changing the present."

That's why we offer workshops taught by current practitioners experienced in the field year-round.

Check out our upcoming workshops and learn more about our clinicians.

How to Register

Register online to attend the Music Education Workshop Series or for any of the individual workshops in the series.

We strongly encourage you register online with credit card, but you can also register in person the day of the workshop (check only).

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Parking & Directions

The Performing Arts Center (PAC) is located at 450 Johnson St., Winona, MN, 55987. Review our campus map (PDF) for reference.

Parking is available on the street or in Gold Lots 1 or 2. Parking meters and parking lot restrictions are not enforced on Saturdays.

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2022-2023 Workshops

Connect & Reflect: Designing Meaningful Music-Making Experiences for Children

April 29, 8:30am-12:30pm | PAC Room 159 | $30 fee

In music classrooms, teachers work alongside students to co-develop communities brought to life by children’s inherent curiosity, energy, and musicality.

In this workshop, we'll explore design decisions that teacher-facilitators might consider as they move away from surface-level encounters to invitational explorations that set the stage for connection and reflection.

Using the music classroom as a vehicle to connect with students of all backgrounds, this workshop will help to:

  • emphasize the role that culture plays in a child's life
  • bridge the gap between home and school
  • use the music room as a safe space provided for self-expression and authenticity
  • partner with parents and families
  • use equity tools to guide research and teaching

About the Clinician

Diana Hawley teaches elementary general music, supports teachers as an Instructional Strategist of Innovation, and is the K-12 Music Coordinator in the Iowa City Community School District.

Diana co-edited and authored "Artful-Playful-Mindful in Action: Orff-Schulwerk Classroom Projects for a New Generation of Learners."

She also teaches levels and curriculum courses in Orff Schulwerk at the University of Kentucky, University of St. Thomas (MN), and University of the Arts at Villanova (PA).

Diana serves on the editorial board of The Orff Echo, the national, peer-reviewed journal and philosophical voice of the American Orff-Schulwerk Association, and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) in Music Education at Boston University.

Modern Band Teacher Training

June 21-23, 2023  8:30am-4:30pm | $150 general, $75 WSU students

This three-day, hands-on course serves as an introduction to Modern Band and the Music as a Second Language pedagogy.

This training will address:

  • Core values of Music as a Second Language: Approximation, Scaffolding, Musical Decision Making, Iconic Notation, and Culturally Sustaining teaching technique
  • Teaching popular music through the authentic practices of popular musicians
  • Instruction on guitar, keyboard, drums, vocals, bass, and ukulele
  • Various approached to musical notation
  • Grounding Modern Band in Create-Perform-Respond standards

Participants will use their new musical skills to arrange a song for a final performance.

Register online for this training today.

What Is Modern Band?

Modern Band is a new school-based music program that utilizes popular music as its central canon.

It teaches students to perform the music they know and love while learning through the standards-based practices of Create-Perform-Respond-Connect.

Students select, arrange, improvise, and create through genres as wide ranging as rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop, rhythm and blues, electronic dance music, and other styles relevant to student interests.

Modern Band also utilizes the musical instruments that are common to these genres, including guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, and the computer.

Why Modern Band?

Modern Band can help bridge the gap that can exist between the music children experience daily in their communities and that which they experience in school.

Bringing music that's familiar to students into schools allows students to see themselves—their homes, communities, and aesthetic preferences—reflected in the curriculum.

Modern Band strengthens bonds between students and the schools that serve them while also engaging marginalized students who otherwise might not take part in existing school music programs.

About the Clinician

Dr. Bryan Powell is Assistant Professor of Music Education and Technology at Montclair State University.

Powell is the founding co-editor of Journal of Popular Music Education, and he serves as the Executive Director of the Association for Popular Music Education.