Orchestra Program

Dr. Cullan Lucas
Program Director

The Orchestral Program consists of two main ensembles:

  • WSU Chamber Orchestra
  • WSU String Ensemble

One unique aspect of the program is the variety of the music performed. Not only is the repertoire chosen from orchestral standards, the work of contemporary composers is often featured and an effort is made to include works by composers from the surrounding area. Another exciting aspect of the program is the camaraderie shared by the musicians who have many opportunities to travel together to attend professional orchestra concerts and meet professional musicians and composers. The Symphony Orchestra Club helps fund these trips and is working to create a music library for use by small ensembles. Orchestra members often form duos, trios and quartets and perform throughout the year at coffeehouses, weddings, special events and in recitals.

For further information about the WSU Orchestral Program, please contact Dr. Cullan Lucas at Cullan.Lucas@winona.edu.