Deciding Your Major

If you are struggling to select a major, the advisors at the Warrior Success Center are here to help!

We understand this process can be stressful. First, visit the common myths page and take a deep breath.

This process has been specifically designed to help students, like you, gain the information and confidence needed to choose a major.


Complete a Self-Assessment

Getting to know yourself is an important first step in deciding a major. Find out how to uncover your interests,  strengths, and values, and how these can help you select a major best suited for you!


Explore Majors

Not sure what majors are available or unclear about what is involved in these majors? There are many different ways to find which programs interest you.


Explore Careers

Maybe you have a major picked and want to learn more about possible careers, or perhaps knowing about careers could help you pick your major. Either way, defining career goals is a step in the right direction.

Evaluate Your Options

Now that you have done your research, it’s time to narrow your choices and make your decision. Find out how to compare your choices and select a major that you can be passionate about. 

Declare Your Major

Congrats! You’ve chosen a major. Now it’s time to make it official.