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Common Data Set

The Common Data Set (CDS) was developed to provide information frequently requested by various publishers of college guides and ranking publications. The CDS is organized around the following topics.

  1. Institution
  2. Enrollment and persistence
  3. First-time, first-year admissions
  4. Transfer admissions
  5. Academic offerings and policies
  6. Student life
  7. Annual expenses
  8. Financial aid
  9. Instructional faculty and class size
  10. Degree conferred

Definitions of data elements are maintained by the Common Data Set Initiative


WSU Common Data Set

(FY2022) 2021-2022 (PDF)

(FY2021) 2020-2021 (PDF)

(FY2020) 2019-2020 (PDF)

(FY2019) 2018-2019 (PDF)

(FY2018) 2017-2018 (PDF)

(FY2017) 2016-2017 (PDF) 

(FY2016) 2015-2016 (PDF)

(FY2015) 2014-2015 (PDF)

(FY2014) 2013-2014 (PDF)

(FY2013) 2012-2013 (PDF)