A student researches affordability for WSU online.

Manage Money

At WSU, you’ll learn and practice many new skills to be successful student, land a job and build a career once you graduate.

No matter your major, how to manage your money is yet another skill you’ll learn in college. And it’s one that you’ll use every day for the rest of your life.

Whether you’re a personal finance newbie or a semi-pro, everyone can take steps toward better money management.

How Real Students Handle Finances (and You Can Too)

Yeah, yeah...make a budget, shop for deals, don’t buy stuff you don’t need-- we know you’ve probably heard it all before from a well-meaning adult in your life.

Here are some stories written by WSU students about paying for college and managing money as a student.

Meeting Basic Needs

Basic needs such as food, housing, healthcare, and more are essential parts of our daily lives.

When your basic needs aren't being met, it can be difficult to focus on your schoolwork, relationships, and future. If you are anxious or are struggling with any of these basic needs, consider looking into local resources in Winona and in Rochester.

It's ok to ask for help. Get the support you need and clear your mind to concentrate on other aspects of your life..