Global Engagement

The Winona State social work program is committed to preparing students who are globally aware and culturally sensitive to the needs of the populations they will be serving. For general information about study abroad, both short-term and longer programs, students can visit the Center for Global Engagement. In addition, the BSW program offers and collaborates on a variety of social work-oriented international learning opportunities that may be of interest to our students.

Short Term Travel Study Programs

Child Welfare, Health Systems, and Social Justice in Jamaica

Mary Kirk (Social Work) and Amy Koehler (Nursing)
December 28, 2019 - January 9, 2020

This 3-credit faculty-led course will use a trans-cultural approach to learn about child welfare systems, with an emphasis on human rights, social justice and health systems in Jamaica and US. Trans-cultural understanding studies the values, beliefs and practices of groups of similar or different cultures. This international course will focus on the health care delivery and educational systems in Jamaica and the factors that influence the effectiveness of those systems. Students will have the opportunity to work in interprofessional teams to visit various types of healthcare, educational and human service institutions; provide health teaching; and perform service work. There will be an emphasis on resiliency and protective factors within individuals, families, and communities. In addition, the students will explore the role of history, economics, politics, religion, culture and social conditions as they frame contemporary welfare, health and education issues.

Service Learning in India: Interdisciplinary Community Solutions

Charissa Eaton (Social Work), Anne Vande Berg (Social Work), and Jen Zemke (Social Work)

This 3-credit faculty-led course will provide an international, interdisciplinary, community engaged learning experience for students to connect with the people of India to contribute to a community led effort around education, water, health, agriculture and food security, and alternative income and livelihood, with particular emphasis on the interrelationships of biophysical and sociocultural systems as related to water as a resource. Leadership and action planning for “being the change” are also emphasized in this course.

Semester Abroad

Mexico semester abroad

Jay Palmer

The mission of the program is to develop cross-culturally competent, ethical social work professionals with a global perspective by providing a semester of transformative, experiential learning focused on social and economic justice. Students will develop key cross-cultural and professional skills to help them work more effectively with the Latino community, as Mexicans comprise the largest immigrant group in the U.S. This semester abroad program is for students admitted to the social work program. For more information, please contact Dr. Jay Palmer at and Augsburg CGEE: Social Work in a Latin American Context.