WSU Health Coaching program participant with student.

Health Coaching Program

The Health Coaching Program is a joint effort with Winona Health’s Community Care Network (CCN). The goal of the program is to support and improve the overall health of individuals who are at high risk for frequent emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

The concept of the health coaching program is for student health coaches to meet with clients experiencing chronic health conditions and having a history of frequent hospitalizations. The health coaches would serve a preventative role by helping patients improve their quality of life, which in turn reduces hospital admissions and emergency room visits. Coaches provide non-medical support, resources and education to help clients manage their condition and maintain independence.

For example, during the first year of the health coaching program, patients from the Community Care Network experienced a significant reduction in hospital admissions and emergency room visits compared to the previous year. Client goals include improved control of symptoms associated with chronic health conditions. Additionally, and as a direct result, the cost of care for these patients also was reduced substantially.

With this hands-on experience, students gain valuable exposure before they commit to their chosen field of work, and clients are receiving the care they need from dedicated individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of others.

What People Are Saying About the Program

“Knowing we’re making a difference in our community is what makes everything worthwhile” Robin Hoeg, RN, MSHA, NHA, administrative leader for Inpatient and Senior Services at Winona Health.

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