Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Student

Students wishing to take graduate level classes at WSU must be admitted either as a graduate degree seeking student, or a graduate non-degree seeking student.

Students who have completed a baccalaureate degree (or higher) and who wish to enroll in a combination of graduate and undergraduate courses, but do not intend to pursue a Master's degree may register as graduate non-degree seeking students.

  1. An Online Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Student Application for Admission form must be submitted if the student has never been admitted as a WSU graduate student.
    Please note the instructions on the form related to the following application requirements:
  2. Proof of degree is required if not previously submitted to WSU by the student. Request official transcripts from each non-Minnesota State College/University.
  3. Application Fee: $20 one-time only application processing fee (required the first time a student applies as a graduate student).
  4. Returning Students who have previously submitted a Graduate level application form and been admitted as a Graduate student to WSU need only submit a Re-Enrollment Request Form.
    1. Students who have attended WSU as an undergraduate student must submit the Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Student form. They cannot use the Intent to Return form.
  5. When the student has been admitted, the student will receive confirmation for their admission as a graduate non-degree seeking student, and other information, including: instructions about how to register for courses, access their account online, and make tuition payments.
    • If the course for which the student wishes to register requires permission of the instructor, and/or if the student is registering after the start of the class, the student will need to contact the course Department or Instructor, who will contact School of Graduate Studies to facilitate enrollment.
    • If the student is working toward teacher licensure/certification, other procedures and requirements apply. For more information, contact:
      Paula O'Malley, Teacher Education Certification/Admissions Coordinator
      WSU College of Education

For questions about School of Graduate Studies, the Graduate Non-Degree Seeking Student process and registration for graduate classes, please contact:

Samantha Eckerson
Recruitment & Admissions Assistant Director
WSU Graduate Programs & WSU-Rochester Transfer
Cell Phone: 507.703.1894
Office Phone: 507.535.3980