A mother and father pose with their daughters who are wearing caps and gowns.

Family Resources

Starting college is an exciting time for both students and parents. Students will be making new friends, attending interesting classes and learning how to tap into their potential as young adults.

However, being a first-generation college student can bring challenges related to resources, academics and finances. As the parent of a first-generation college student, there are things you can do to help your student succeed.


Encourage Them to Make Connections

Most new students are away from home for the first time, which can be scary.

Encourage your First-Gen Warrior to get connected on campus through student clubs, intramural sports, attending campus events or volunteering in the community.


Support Them in Asking for Help

Many new students also get overwhelmed by how different – and challenging – college classes are.

WSU offers many free support programs such as:

If your student is struggling, encourage them to reach out and get the help they need.


Reach Out for More Information

Contact the First-Gen Warrior support team if you want more information about how you can help your First-Gen Warrior be successful.

These resources can also help your entire family as your student transitions from high school to college and beyond.