Warrior Neighbors

The Warrior Neighbor program is a way for WSU alumni to stay connected to fellow Warriors.

Warrior Neighbors live in cities across the United States such as Chicago, Madison and, of course, Winona. These engaged alumni have volunteered to be a point of contact for fellow Warriors and help them make meaningful connections in the community and professional networks.

If you are moving to or visiting a new area, you can reach out a Warrior Neighbor with questions about:

  • life in the city
  • public transportation
  • restaurants
  • realtors
  • medical facilities
  • career opportunities
  • professional development and much more


Become a Warrior Neighbor

As a Warrior Neighbor, you can give back and support other WSU alumni with relatively little time commitment. All it takes is answering a few emails and sharing your insider knowledge about your own community. Plus, you have the opportunity to build a stronger local network of professionals and friends.

Joining the Warrior Neighbor program is fast and easy -- just provide your name, location and email. Your contact information will be added to an interactive online map so other Warriors can reach out to you.


Find Your Warrior Neighbors