Section V Policies - Human Resources

Winona State University’s regulations are in the process of being updated to a Policy and Procedures format. Regulations will remain posted and in effect until a new, corresponding policy/procedure is approved and posted.

5-1: Emeritus/Retired with Distinction (PDF) - Revised 2/19/09
5-1 Form - Emeritus Status Nomination Form (PDF)
5-1 Form - Retired With Distinction Nomination Form (PDF)
5-2: Procedures for Affirmative Action Recruiting and Hiring (PDF) - Revised 8/13/07
5-3: Repealed 9/17/08
5-4: Managerial/Administrative Service Faculty (ASF) Development Plans (PDF) - Revised 4/21/2016
5-4 Form - Winona State University ASF Evaluation/Development Plan (PDF)
5-5: Repealed 8/13/07
5-6: University Recognition Program (PDF) - Revised 8/13/07
5-7: Repealed 4/12/11
5-8: Flextime Policy (PDF) - Revised 12/5/08
5-9: Excused Absence for Unclassified Employees
5-10: Training Policy for Classified Employees (PDF) - Revised 9/17/08
5-11: Distribution of Achievement Awards for Classified Employees (PDF) - Revised 9/17/08
5-12: Repealed 9/17/08
5-13: Closing of the University or Cancellation of Classes or Activities Due to Inclement Weather or Other Emergencies (PDF) - Revised 10/15/18
5-14: - Repealed 8/13/07
5-15: AFSCME Position Description Appeal Process (PDF) - Revised 8/13/07
5-16: Policy Statement On and Plan to Prevent Workplace Violence (PDF)

*University regulations are currently under review. Those regulations listed above with a "revised" date have been reviewed and are current. Reviewed regulations are posted with the WSU seal in the header. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Academic Affairs.