female student carrying textbooks in parking lot with city buildings in distance


Student parking is allowed in designated parking lots or at parking meters only. Students do not need to get a permit to park in these areas as a parking fee is part of the semester tuition statement for all students. This fee provides funds for the upkeep and safety of parking lots.

Visitors may park in any student lot and at parking meters.

The north portion of the East parking lot (space north of the concrete divider) and the south portion of the West parking lot have been designated for faculty and staff parking only. A permit is required to park in these areas, and faculty and staff are also assessed a parking fee.


Parking Enforcement Policies

Handicapped spots, fire lanes, special permit spots and other no-parking designated areas are enforced continuously.

Faculty and staff parking lots are monitored and enforced from 8am - 5pm. After 5pm, faculty and staff lots are open to students.

Parking meters are monitored and enforced 8am - 8pm on Monday-Thursday and 8am - 3pm on Friday.

Special permit parking is designated for students needing more convenient parking for temporary health reasons. For authorization, please see the Health Services nurse in HS 140 for a special permit or call 507.285.7261.

Visit the RCTC website for more information regarding parking services on campus.