Resilience Toolkit

Resilience is required in all aspects of life from understanding yourself and your goals, building personal relationships with friends and families to finding common ground with people you disagree with. 

This resilience toolkit provides reflections, exercises, videos, and materials you can use to develop the ability to bounce back in the face of stressful situations and inevitable setbacks.

Trying to take in, and work on, everything this site has to offer may seem overwhelming. You may find it helpful to start by just perusing this site and its contents to seeing what it is all about.

Share it and talk about it with others. Then, find the right place for you to start your own work to become more resilient.

Don’t try to change everything at once. Start with something that pertains to an area you want to work on, and follow the suggestions found on this site to see what works best for you to get the results you want.

Allow yourself to experiment with these ideas, practice the skills and actions suggested, and learn what works for you through trial-and-error.

Take a look-- see what you can do to help yourself and others thrive amid life's challenges.

Enjoy your journey of becoming a more resilient you.

 10 Practices for Building Resilience

  1. Realize Your Meaning & Purpose --understand your goals and sense of direction
  2. Engage with Others -- learn how interactions with others can help you navigate difficult times
  3. Self-Care --take care of yourself as part of a balanced lifestyle
  4. Identify Possibilities --understand all your options when making choices
  5. Learn -- learn from adversity so it will help guide you in growth
  6. Identify Strengths & Values --know the abilities and beliefs that make you unique
  7. Emotional Management --develop the ability to recognize and use your emotions appropriately
  8. Navigate Resources --find resources and ask for help when needed
  9. Create a Resilient Mindset --react to adversity and navigate difficult times
  10. Expand Your Perspective --see others' viewpoints and ways to to react to situations