Street Parking

If you don’t have a parking permit, you’ll need to find street parking or space in public parking lots (PDF).

Winona State University works with the City of Winona in a "Joint Powers Agreement", which grants WSU the authority to monitor all city streets within campus and streets bordering the campus.

This means that WSU Parking Services will issue citations for violations of WSU parking regulations and city ordinances to vehicles parked on these streets.

The Winona Police Department enforces all city ordinances and violations of state parking regulations on public streets within the City of Winona.

WSU Parking Services does not handle parking tickets from the Winona Police Department.

Important Winona City Ordinances

Alternate Side Parking

Vehicles must be parked on a specific side of the street between 12:01am and 6:30am every night from Nov. 15- March 15. City parking lots 1 and 3 also follow this alternated schedule. You can be issued a citation for violating this ordinance, and your vehicle may be towed away and stored at your expense.

Learn more details about Alternate Side Parking.

20 Hour Parking Ordinance

Vehicles must be moved every 20 hours. Vehicles parked on City of Winona streets longer than 20 consecutive hours are subject to a fine and may also have their vehicle towed.

For more information, contact the Winona Police Department at 507.457.6302.