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Whether you’re studying in another country or domestically, these programs can sometimes cost more than being on campus. How much more depends on many factors.

  • What is the cost of living in your destination city and/or country?
  • How long is the program?
  • Does the program include tuition, or is that in addition to the program fee?
  • How many credits will you earn/courses will you take?
  • What kind of accommodations are available?
  • How much is the flight?
  • Do you have extracurricular travel plans that will impact your budget?

How Much do Faculty-Led Programs Cost?

For Faculty-led Programs, our office completes an estimated budget with all required expenses (flight, tuition, accommodations, meals) included, and the cost is determined by dividing that total by the number of students who participate. 

The average cost of a faculty-led program is $4,900, including airfare. Costs could range from $2,000-$9,000 and everything in between, depending on the program.

Remember that Financial Aid can be applied to programs that meet minimum requirements. Contact Kathy Jicinsky at for more information.

How Much does it Cost to Study Abroad for a Summer or Semester?

For Semester/Summer Study Abroad Programs, (third party-provider, exchange, direct enroll), the program fee can depend on the above factors, and more.

Costs can vary from about the same as being at WSU in Winona, to more than $20,000 over the WSU Cost of Attendance.

The average cost of Semester/Summer programs is $12,100, not including airfare. If you’re open to a variety of destinations, and want to keep costs down, see examples of some of our most Affordable Programs.

To help determine the overall cost of a program, you can use a budget worksheet, such as the one available through WhichWay. Budget worksheets serve as a great way to make sure you have considered all possible costs for a program.

The Study Abroad office can help you weigh all of these factors, along with your own preferences, to make a program choice that’s right for both you and your budget.

Talk through your concerns with a peer advisor or the Study Abroad Advisor, Susan Pham –– and read the following to learn more about where to find funding!

Tuition Waivers

The Tuition Waiver benefit may only be applied to WSU-approved faculty-led programs. Other forms of financial aid may apply to most study away programs.

Important Resources & Information

To search for a program, use our search engine.

Not sure what factors you should consider? Look through our Frequently Asked Questions to see what other students have had to consider.

Want to talk to someone who has already studied abroad? Make an appointment with a peer advisor by emailing