Forms & Procedures

All PSM students must complete a Capstone project, using either one or both of the designations, PSM 698: Internship, or PSM 699: Research.

To determine which of these designations is appropriate, please see your advisor.

Before signing up to take these courses, students must:

  1. Take PSM 606: Research Methods offered each Fall.
  2. Read and understand the Capstone Guidelines (PDF) covering the capstone experience.
  3. Form a graduate committee consisting of at least three members, with one member from outside the student’s department. Fill out the Graduate Committee Creation Graduate Committee Form (PDF) and return it to the PSM Director.
  4. Write a research/internship project proposal in conjunction with your Capstone advisor.
  5. Submit your proposal to your capstone advisor and committee. Immediately, schedule your proposal presentation.
  6. Present your proposal. Upon completion of your presentation, have your advisor and committee sign the Proposal Presentation Completion form (PDF) and the Application for Degree Candidacy Form (PDF) and return it to the PSM Director for a signature. Once signed, please file the form at the Office of School of Graduate Studies.
  7. Perform your research/internship as directed by your advisor.
  8. As your research/internship reaches a conclusion, schedule a defense with your advisor and committee.
  9. Present your project in a final defense. Upon a successful defense, fill out the Project Defense Completion form (PDF).
  10. During your final semester, fill out the application for graduation