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For Employers

How Can Employers Support the WSU PSM?

  • As a potential employer in industry, government or healthcare, you could create cooperative internship/research opportunities
  • Internship/Research Cooperative agreements let employees gain credit for work they would  potentially complete as part of their normal work assignment.
  • Internship/Research Cooperative agreements let the employer and student PSM committee to custom train a potential employee to accomplish specific work-related tasks.
  • Inclusion of a liaison from a potential employer to each student PSM Graduate committee ensures that all levels of a PSM students degree build a hands-on degree that prepares them for post-graduate employment.
  • Inclusion of a liaison permits a potential employer to have access to scientific resources (i.e. analytical equipment, computational resources, and technical support skills) that might not be currently available.
  • Internship/Research experiences that are created for students who are not current employees permit a potential employer to test-the-waters with potential employees. If a potential employee likes what the work that is completed they are likely to hire the intern. If they do not like the work, there are no strings attached.
  • The 6 credits each student earns in Internship/Research Experiences can be earned in a single semester or distributed over a year, as determined by the students Graduate Committee.

For Interested Partners in Industry, Government or Healthcare
If you wish to contact us with regards to creating internships, research projects or other cooperative resources, we would love to hear from you:

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